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  1. and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/115877-fix-plaintext-line-breaks/
  2. FTR https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119643-copy-and-paste-added-extra-line-break/
  3. Pasting from Evernote to another app than Alfred does *not* add a final newline character, I am positive about it. I tested it by pasting in the middle of an existing line. No new line is created.
  4. Copying from Evernote to any other app than Alfred works. Copying from any other app than Evernote to Alfred works. Copying from Evernote to another app, then copy it from that other app to Alfred works. I made some progress and found out this: type "2*2" in Evernote, without the quotes, select and copy it open Alfred (cmd+space) then paste (cmd+v) immediately hit backspace => Alfred shows "2*2" correctly, but not the result yet cmd+A cmd+X cmd+V => ok now Alfred shows both 2*2 and the result 4 It seems like Evernote adds a "new line" special character somehow at the end of any text you copy from it, and Alfred is really confused by it. And no, I did not select a new line character in Evernote, the bug is still there when I select text strictly inside of a line. The workaround above works, but so many key presses is really annoying, it should just work. I hope we figure out a bugfix.
  5. I use a lot the cmd+S to work with snippets: creating new ones and editing existing ones. However if I decide to delete that snippet I can't do that easily at all, I have to go back to the full list and search for it again etc.. IMHO an easy fix would be on this existing dialog: to simply add a "Delete" button next to the "Save" button! It would be so awesome.
  6. I just leave the alfred settings app open on the snippets, and I cmd+tab to it everytime I need it. Also, do you know about the cmd+S shortcut to quickly create new and editing existing snippets?
  7. I have 300+ snippets and counting. Among many other things I store all my web bookmarks as snippets, much more convenient than browser bookmarks because I can easily share them while writing in slack, reddit etc.. Many snippets are ready-to-paste ones. Many others are not, and are just an easy way to consult info. I use cmd+S shortcuts a lot, please never drop them! Both for creating new snippets from history and for editing existing ones. All my snippets are just a key press away, this works much better for me than: Evernote, Quiver, NvALT etc... Thanks again!!
  8. This feature was broken a few weeks/months ago, sorry I don't noted exactly when. Steps to reproduce: Just copy (cmd+C) a simple expression like "2*2" without the quotes, from inside any note in the Evernote application. Hit cmd+space to open alfred Paste (cmd+V) Expected result: Alfred should show "2*2" and the result, which is 4 Obtained result: Alfred is confused and shows nothing, nor 2*2 nor 4 Notes - only happens when copying from Evernote, copying from any other app works as expected - happens with any text actually, not only calculus expressions. Even copying a single letter "a". Things I tried: - disabling BetterTouchTool, did not help. - rebooting, did not help. - trying cmd+shit+V to paste, did not help. Versions -MacOS 10.14.4 -Alfred 3.8.1 961 -Evernote 7.9
  9. Hi @Andrew @Vero I am no longer able to reproduce the issue, not sure what fixed it! My (unique) snippet collection is now selected by default everytime when I create a new snippet. I will let you know if this ever happens again! Cheers Vermeer v3.6 [903] - High Sierra 10.13.3
  10. Unfortunately I cannot change the topic's name. I would like to change it to: New snippets not linked to any collection are silently lost. Also, I suggest the following fix: any new snippet *should* be part of a collection. A snippet without collection should not be creatable.
  11. Additional information: I have a unique snippet collection. When I save the new snippet, by default, no collection is selected. (my unique collection should be selected by default, I cannot think about it every time...) Then it seems that as no collection is selected, the snippet is silently lost. However, if I manually select the collection when creating the new snippet, the snippet is correctly created. Fixes I suggest: -a collection should be selected by default -in case no collection is selected, the snippet should *not* silently be lost...
  12. This new feature is great, but I'm afraid it may or may not be related to breaking the existing feature of saving a clipboard entry as a new snippet. I just made a bug report => @Andrew
  13. v3.6 [903] - High Sierra 10.13.3 Steps to reproduce: - trigger the clipboard viewer - choose an entry then Cmd+S to create a snippet from this entry - give the snippet a name, then save The snippet you just supposedly created is nowhere to be found :-/
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