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  1. Hi @Andrew @Vero I am no longer able to reproduce the issue, not sure what fixed it! My (unique) snippet collection is now selected by default everytime when I create a new snippet. I will let you know if this ever happens again! Cheers Vermeer v3.6 [903] - High Sierra 10.13.3
  2. Unfortunately I cannot change the topic's name. I would like to change it to: New snippets not linked to any collection are silently lost. Also, I suggest the following fix: any new snippet *should* be part of a collection. A snippet without collection should not be creatable.
  3. Additional information: I have a unique snippet collection. When I save the new snippet, by default, no collection is selected. (my unique collection should be selected by default, I cannot think about it every time...) Then it seems that as no collection is selected, the snippet is silently lost. However, if I manually select the collection when creating the new snippet, the snippet is correctly created. Fixes I suggest: -a collection should be selected by default -in case no collection is selected, the snippet should *not* silently be lost...
  4. This new feature is great, but I'm afraid it may or may not be related to breaking the existing feature of saving a clipboard entry as a new snippet. I just made a bug report => @Andrew
  5. v3.6 [903] - High Sierra 10.13.3 Steps to reproduce: - trigger the clipboard viewer - choose an entry then Cmd+S to create a snippet from this entry - give the snippet a name, then save The snippet you just supposedly created is nowhere to be found :-/
  6. Awesome, thank you @Andrew
  7. vermeer

    Snippet dropdown box

    Hi I saved most commonly used emails as snippets, and I can easily find and paste them: Would that work for you too?
  8. It would be great if the same Cmd + S shortcut could be used to quickly edit an existing snippet that would be very intuitive, and would save a lot of time for people heavily using snippets
  9. vermeer

    Quicker way to create snippets?

    I'm a big fan of this Cmd+S feature too! And I think we need a similar one to quickly edit existing snippets as well! See my recent post "Hotkey to edit existing snippet" and help me push it
  10. Hi Ted, not sure why you find it clunky, it works very well for me. I have setup a cmd+E hotkey for clipboard history viewer, which also includes snippets. It is super easy and fast to find the snippet or clipping I want and paste it simply with enter.
  11. Hi guys, I use snippets a lot in Alfred 3, and I badly need a quicker way to edit existing snippets. They're so awesome! Please see 1st screenshot: if Cmd+S on selected snippet would open it directly (2nd screenshot) within Alfred preferences, that would be a simple but fantastic improvement! I'm suggesting Cmd+S for this because it is very similar to the already existing Cmd+S shortcut which transforms a clipping from clipboard history into a new snippet. Basically hitting Cmd+S would mean: "create a new snippet or open it for editing if it already exists". That would feel very intuitive! After hitting Cmd+S, this window would popup to make you able to quickly update the existing snippet. Thanks! Vermeer