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  1. Thanks Vitor!! This is the very first Alfred Workflow I have downloaded and used, and it works great!! I am very, very, very new to Alfred and all things having to do with running commands in terminal and workflows using Alfred, etc... I feel like I have opened up a whole new world of fun stuff to learn and use with my computer (Mac) and have you to thank. I remember in 4th grade when I first was taught basic Algebra (2 - x = 5) and I was blown away at this new way to solve a problem, and felt so excited about Math and this fun new way to think. Unfortunately I went a different way in my life then was good for me - and only now at 45 years old do I have the motivation to learn something new. After using these workflows and learning about commands in terminal, etc.. I feel just like that kid in 4th grade, with my mind open and am looking forward to this new journey. Thank you so much! iMan
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