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  1. No successful connection so far. No, I did not get a 12 character code to enter anywhere. It works on my Macbook Air, but not my iMac. I think I'll try to reinstall OS X at some point, maybe that'll fix it.
  2. Hello, I can't connect the remote on my iPad or my iPhone. 1. Are both your Mac and iOS device on the same wifi network? (Include IP addresses of both devices) Yes. 2. What kind of network is it? (home, office, university, etc?) Home. 3. Did you try restarting both your Mac and iOS device? Yes. Several times. 4. When you go to the "Add iOS Remote" step on your Mac, can your iOS device see the Mac at all? Yes. The iOS devices see the Mac, and when I click on it, it says 'Connecting...' forever. 5. Are you running anything that could block connections? (i.e. Little Snitch, NetBarrier, firewall settings on your Mac or network) No, uninstalled Little Snitch, and Firewall is turned off.
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