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  1. Hi all


    I've purchased 500mb of webspace which I plan to move the repo over to. This should improve the general speed of accessing the repo. I'm also currently re-writing the icon caching code to download the files asynchronously which will further improve responsiveness.


    As far as increasing the filesize limit - what kind of size do you guys think you'll need? We've already got 102 workflows in the repo (most of which are tiny - in fact we're only using around 8mb in total). If people start shipping huge caches with their workflows this could run out fast.


    I've got my day job and an art project to work on as well as this at the moment so development will be a little slower than it has been. Please bear with me.



  2. Have you guys having upload problems set bundle id's for your workflows? That will cause that error. I have made the error reporting more specific.


    Thanks to everyone who posted their pings. The slow response problem is caused by distance form my server. I am thinking about ways around this.


    As a mini-update, the newest version (link in first post or update through AlfPT) can now filter results by author. See the first post for instructions. Also, the empty Notification bug is also fixed.


    Cheers chaps,



  3. Carlos - nope, I'm using the standard PHP bundled with OSX 10.8. Here's my output of php -v:



    PHP 5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Aug 24 2012 17:45:44) 
    Copyright © 1997-2012 The PHP Group
    Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2012 Zend Technologies
    Which workflows are you trying to update? Are they definitely updating? Try changing the name of one in your Alfred Prefs and then update via AlfPT - the name should change back to the one the developer assigned to the workflow.
    Could you both ping the repo site please and a few lines of output here? In terminal enter:
    ping alfredrepo.tom-hunt.co.uk


    Hit Ctrl+c to stop the output (in case you're not terminal users)


    It could quite possibly be that you guys are a long way away from the server so the HTTP requests take a long time to resolve and get back to you. If this is the case there's little I can do - my internet speeds are what they are.


    I have been thinking of caching the entire database rather than just the icons. The downside is this will require the user to update their lists manually, but once this download is complete workflow browsing should be quicker.


    Thanks for the input guys.



  4. Hi all


    I'm looking into the 'Updating Icon Cache' bug. I can't reproduce it as described. Here is what I get:


    Download the workflow


    Type 'alfpt install'

    See 'Updating Icon Cache' - about a 20 second wait. 

    Workflows are listed

    From then on there is about a 1 second wait between seeing 'Updating Icon Cache' and workflows being listed.


    The first time there will be a delay as the 45 or so icons that are currently available are downloaded. It should be fast after that though.


    The upload speed from my server is under 1mbps (no fibre optic near me yet) which is fine for most of my needs but I can see that it may be a problem in the case of downloading these icons. After that it's only a simple MySQL query and some JSON that gets executed/downloaded which should be fast for most people I hope.



  5. Hi all

    Thanks for adopting AlfPT. The repos starting to fill up and hopefully you're finding workflows that help you to make Alfred even more useful than he already is.

    To answer some questions:

    If the repo reaches a size that is too big to browse through the Alfred interface alone I plan to add browse, ratings and comment functionality to the website.

    The icons cache is stored in the workflow folder in _icons. Right click a workflow to reveal in Finder. The repo itself is not cached currently. Again this feature is planned once the repo grows in size.

    Adding the ability to host your workflows on your own server is the next thing on my list.

    Happy workflowing!


  6. Florian - they should be available to download immediately after uploading, however if you have a workflow installed it won't be listed through alfpt install. However if you check alfpt update -f and see your workflow there it means it is available for download. Test the download if needed by updating through this method.


    Thanks for the heads up about the error - I've changed the message to be more descriptive of the problem.



    Jonas - you need to keep the bundle id's the same between uploads. One of your workflows has 'v1' at the end, the other doesn't. AlfPT treats them as two different workflows in this case. Log in to your admin area on the site to remove the one you don't want.

  7. UPDATE by Vero (Alfred's mum):

    The AlfPT site was a pilot project for an installer/updater by Tom Hunt and is no longer available.



    AlfPT was a wonderful idea by an Alfred user, Tom Hunt, to create a way for workflows to be updated and gathered in one place. However, Tom has decided to take the project offline (due to school/work commitments and the bandwidth requirements of that project). As such, documentation in this thread is now outdated.


    Here's what's coming soon:

    - Other users are working on their own repositories for workflows

    - We are working on an official v2 Extras site, which will include curated workflows (which we've tested and checked) and themes


    We'll also be publishing a few blog posts with our favourite and your favourite workflows very soon, so keep an eye on the blog for the links to the above! :)






    The Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository







    Hi all


    Introducing AlfPT - the easy way to install and update your Alfred v2 Workflows.


    Download the AlfPT workflow here



    Workflow Users


    Once you've installed AlfPT use the following commands:


    alfpt install {query} :  to find new workflows to install

    alfpt install {query} -a {author} -b {bundleid} : filter results by author/bundle id. Both flags are optional.

    alfpt update : to list any workflows you've installed through AlfPT that have new versions available. Select one to update.

    alfpt update -f : to list all of your workflows, regardless of whether there are new versions available. Select one to update.


    Workflow Developers


    Want to get your workflows into the repo?


    Visit the AlfPT homepage to register and start uploading workflows. 


    If there are any files in your workflows that you do not want to be overwritten during the update process (config files and the link) prefix them with an underscore e.g _icons 



    It's very likely that the AlfPT workflow will be updated regularly over the next few days so keep alfpt update-ing to get the latest release.


    If you run into any problems just let me know.


    Happy workflowing!




  8. This workflow uses mdfind and returns the results in the required format. Have a pick through and see if you can hack it for your own purposes. Look for this line for the mdfind call:



    $shell = "mdfind \"kMDItemDisplayName == '$search*' && kMDItemContentType == '$uti'\"";

    This page gave me all the info I needed for this workflow. Hopefully it will help here too.



  9. You could add new keywords and scripts to edits the files programmatically. An add keyword could append to the end of a file, remove could grep the required line and remove it. Or you could look into using an sqlite database instead of text files if you think that would be better. Editing database entries might be simpler than greping and seding text files

  10. Currently script filters are unable to receive new xml after the first returned block. Would it be possible to allow the xml to be replaced by new xml later on in the script execution? For example, if retrieving data from a webservice the first block could inform the user that data is being received. Then a new xml block would be echo'd containing the results of the webservice request which would overwrite the previous block.


    This is assuming that each the results of each line being executed is read by Alfred immediately rather than once the entire script has finished. Which of these is correct?

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