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  1. Check this out http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/139-toggle-app-visibility-like-in-v1/ Or download it using AlfPT: http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/162-workflow-updater-alpha/?p=664 once AlfTP is installed type 'alfpt install tog'
  2. Another update. Super-agile development here Same URL as above, or update via AlfPT. Verify if a workflow is available in the repo for update [DONE] Use the icon.png from each uploaded workflow Search terms (it currently just lists everything) [DONE] I'm not sure how to download the icon.png's of each uploaded workflow to the users machine though. OSX doesn't come with wget by default (even using wget I could not get anything sensible). Here's what I am using: wget -r -A png "alfredrepo.tom-hunt.co.uk/icons/" Before listing the available of workflows I was going to cache any new icons. If anyone would like to have a bash at this please have a hack around. Or if anyone has any ideas of how to go about this please let me know: Pedro Lobo maybe your App Store icon cache code could be applicable but I think you wrote that in python?
  3. Good idea Sebastian. I had never really looked into .ssh/config before as I only use ssh to manager my own server. For my needs the current workflow is fine. However if you have your .ssh/config file set up properly it would seem you can ssh merely by typing ssh [hostname] The speed of this comparable anyway to using Alfred I would say. What's more, I'm not sure how many people would like an Alfred workflow mucking around with their configs so the add/remove capabilities of this workflow may not be needed. I am not a server admin so I've quite likely missed something - if I have please let me know and I'll add in the functionality you've requested. Ta
  4. Please see this post for a new way to install these: http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/162-workflow-updater-alpha/?p=664
  5. What does the workflow involve? Are there lots of images? My workflows top out at around 60k so I added a bit to make the 80k limit. A 0.5mb workflow seems large to me. Either way I've upped the limit to 1mb for the time being. Give it another shot
  6. Using a git repo could be a good goal for the future, but personally I think it could be a bit of overkill in these early stages. AlfPT (Alfred Package Tool) I've implemented a simple system on my server. Download this workflow to test it: http://alfredrepo.tom-hunt.co.uk/wf/th_alfpt.alfredworkflow Go to http://alfredrepo.tom-hunt.co.uk to upload your workflows. Make sure they have bundle id assigned! Once you've uploaded your workflow you can search for it using alfpt install. To update already installed workflows use alfpt update / alfpt update -f. Currently it is assumed that you've installed your workflows entirely using alfpt which is obviously not acceptable, but it shouldn't be too hard to test whether a workflow is available in the repo before listing it for update. I'm sure this is completely bug-ridden at the moment (I'm rushing through this as fast as possible while I've got the time). Please upload a workflow (even just a test one at the moment) and let's see how this performs. Next steps: Verify if a workflow is available in the repo for update Use the icon.png from each uploaded workflow Search terms (it currently just lists everything) Tom
  7. Ratings, per-user logins etc. is definitely a big project. Starting small and having an update system is better than nothing though I think. Off the top of my head a simple way to submit new workflows could be to have an ftp site that developers could drop their workflows into. An incrontab (on linux - osx folder actions don't work as reliably I've found ) could then process these files - add them to a database/text file/whatever. This could be queried by a server-side script that would return the xml. I've got a couple of days of downtime at work which I'll use to progress this.
  8. Thanks Andrew I'll have a crack at merging the workflows myself using the bundle id as an identifier.
  9. Hi all Here's an idea for a Workflow Updater. Developers simply need to include a file called update_url in their workflow folders. In this file put the URL to the latest version of their workflow. If the remote file is newer than the local file the workflow will be listed to update. Alternatively use keyword 'update force' to list all workflows regardless of whether they are newer or not. th_workflowUpdater This is more of a proof of concept than a working product. I would like some feedback from you guys (especially David Ferguson since he made an updater for v1) as to whether the update_url file seems reasonable. I have plans to extend this into an apt-like installer / package management tool. If you would like to test how this works install any/all of these workflows I have setup to use this system, or include a updater_url file in your own workflows: th_sshList th_windowManager th_filetypeSearch I look forward to your thoughts. Tom
  10. Exactly my point. However it could be relatively doable... I envisage a system in which each chain in a workflow has it's own uid (it would seem after looking at workflow .plists that currently only each node has a uid). Ideally this uid would be user-definable in the same way as the Bundle Id. In the xml output from the Script Filter another property of each item could be 'actions' which would be an array of these uids. When actioned the args from the xml would be passed to the action workflow instead of down the chain of the 'parent' Script Filter workflow. I hope this makes sense. I'd love to hear Andrew's thoughts.
  11. I've updated the workflow - there was a silly typo there preventing it from working. If further explanation is needed: Alfred v1 had the 'Hide Application if already visible' toggle. While v2 can open an Application this toggle is not present. The applescript in this workflow mimics this behaviour.
  12. v1 allowed a hotkey to toggle an App's visibility. This workflow recreates this functionality. Edit the applescript line set appn to "Path Finder" to the name of the app you would like to toggle. http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/Toggle%20App%20Visibility.alfredworkflow And here is a workflow for Path Finder using this, also with a 'Reveal in PathFinder' action. http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/Path%20Finder.alfredworkflow
  13. In the same way you can tab etc. from a file filter and select an action it would be great if we could action script filter results. A script filter returning urls could open them, copy to clipboard, insert as an <a> etc. I've also got an idea for a Alfred based text adventure which this kind of functionality would enable. As I see it the script filter developer would need to specify which actions would be available for each item in the returned object as they will not necessarily be files, urls etc, but could be of any type. Just a thought... Tom
  14. Glad you like it Brad. I've updated the script to check whether a particular ssh connection is already open and to not create a new one if so. You can old down alt to force the creation of a new connection if required though. Currently the code to focus the window of the already active session relies on the title of the Terminal window. Depending on your sshd setup the title may not fit the required format. Have a look at: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Xterm-Title-4.html for more info. When Andrew gets applescript nodes running in osascript I plan to store the window id in a text file which will get round this problem. Also... I realised the windowManager extension requires a small program written by Eric Nitardy called fb-rotate to get the screen size. Again when the osascript fix is done this can be included as part of the extension under the GPL licence. More info can be found here: https://github.com/CdLbB/fb-rotate Tom
  15. Hi all Here's a selection of workflows that perhaps people will find useful. For the script filter workflows I've used David Ferguson's extention_utils.php windowMmanager : position windows in screen halves, corners and stack them into columns http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/WindowManager.alfredworkflow alfredIgnore : hide files and folders from Alfred's results http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/Toggle%20Alfred%3AIgnore.alfredworkflow sshList : add/remove and easily connect to ssh servers http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/ssh.alfredworkflow SASS : watch .scss files and kill all SASS processes http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/SASS.alfredworkflow fileType search : search by a filetype and search term. Useful if you have a project consisting of different filetypes but similar names. http://tom-hunt.co.uk/ftpguest/alfred/Filetype%20Search.alfredworkflow
  16. A way to customise the results returned from a file search e.g: Access to the returned xml and a way to pass this to a script filter Access to the Alfred search api which could be used directly from a script filter (I'm currently using a scripted Spotlight search which works, but I presume Alfred does some of his own indexing/other optimisations of the search) Thanks Tom
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