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  1. Thank you for your patience and apologies for my inability to read correctly!
  2. Thank you. Perhaps I am looking right past it, but the advanced preferences in version 4.3 do not appear to have the 'enable third party' option? I have clicked on the "Enable 1Password Bookmarks" box.
  3. I am having the same problem: type 1p and get nothing. I have checked the settings, they seem fine, but where, in version 4.3 (1205) is the 'enable third party' option in Advanced prefs? I don't see it. Thank you.
  4. Hi Vero and thank you for your response. A few hours after I posted Alfred seemed to be back in order. Perhaps the entire metadata rebuild had yet to finish?
  5. I have been using Alfred for 5 years without even a hint of a problem but I am now having a lag (four or five seconds) upon launching Alfred (by keystroke). I have cleared the application cache, rebuilt Mac OS metadata, and restarted (app and mac). Any suggestions? Alfred version 3.6.1, Mac OS 10.12.6. Thanks.
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