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  1. @Andrew spot on, all is well with iTerm2 now.
  2. Yes, pasting with ⌘V in iTerm2 works. I've unsuccessfully disabled all other apps under Settings > Privacy > Accessibility. I've also tried slowing down both 'Key Repeat' and 'Delay Until Repeat' under Settings > Keyboard. And also temporarily quit BetterTouchTool and Karabiner. I'm attaching the iTerm 2 key mappings, if you see anything potentially interfering. Hopefully snippets in iTerm2 still work on macOS 10.11, since this is the major/only usecase I have for Alfred. Looking elsewhere on forums, this implies that a backwards breaking change was made to accommodate for macOS 10.12?
  3. * What you were doing when the issue happened Nothing in particular. * Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes, the issue is reproducible. * Include any screenshots that might help us Here's a video demonstration of a snippet properly expanding in TextEdit but not in iTerm2, which has Secure Keyboard Entry disabled: I've also attached a screenshot of iTerm2 preferences. * Include the Alfred version & build number you are using Alfred 3.3 (801) * Include your OS X version macOS 10.11.6 (15G1212) iTerm2 3.0.13
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