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  1. One of my favourite features of Alfred is the ability to do system wide fuzzy search for common file types and applications I use. I've customized Alfred to index file types such as .js, .py, .docx, .xlsx to name a few that I commonly use. I've noticed about 2-3 weeks ago that this fuzzy search feature stopped working. Excel files that I search for that would normally appear stopped appearing. Folders that I normally access will not show up unless I provide the absolute path to the directory. Typing things like "Apple TV" no longer shows the TV app, requiring me to type in exactly "TV" for it to show up. In terms of settings wise, nothing has changed on my end. Is there something I'm missing? What do I need to do to re-enable the previous functionality?
  2. It appears the author has forgotten to include his API key for the Google url shortener. I've created a patch for the author. Hopefully he'll accept my patch and release it on the official channel. For those who want the patch now, here's the link. Please note: This release contains the MIT License that is passed on from the Author and covers all legal matter regarding warranty and any loss or damage. By using this release, you agree to these terms.
  3. Hurray that worked! Thanks for your assistance. I deleted the txt files as you've stated and downloaded 2018 update. I did download the Alfred 3 workflow a few days ago, but it was still showing 2017 then.
  4. How can I remove this identifier from my system? I did see the mymac.txt file you've mentioned showing "MacBook Air 13-inch, Early 2014 G5RQ" HardwareIcons.xml is also not showing MacbookPro13,2. However, I did not see a "mymac.png" file in the workflow directory.
  5. I followed the instructions, but it appears the problem persisted. I'm not sure if this piece of info maybe useful to you or not, but I did own a Macbook Air 13" Early 2014 version previously. I'm not sure why it is still showing up though.
  6. The 4 characters are HF1T
  7. Unfortunately it did not. It's still saying MacBook Air 13-inch, Early 2014. However, my device is a macbook pro 2016 and it clearly has a touch bar.
  8. Could you add support for Macbook Pro 2016? The system identifier is showing early 2014 for my device even after I've opened "about this mac" after the install of the workflow. I have the latest version of this plugin for alfred 3.
  9. I'm having issues with the glance feature. Alfred 3.3 on MacOS 10.12.3 Sierra Ran ./bin/smc -k TC0P,TG0P,F0Ac,F1Ac -r -c returned > .../Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.0B232D11-6392-4C33-B21F-CDF19406B01B/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/mixlib-shellout-1.2.0/lib/mixlib/shellout.rb:251:in `invalid!' .../Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.0B232D11-6392-4C33-B21F-CDF19406B01B/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/mixlib-shellout-1.2.0/lib/mixlib/shellout.rb:237:in `error!' ./glance.rb:25:in `sh' ./glance.rb:59:in `collect_temperature' ./glance.rb:48:in `collect' ./glance.rb:315:in `generate_feedback' ./glance.rb:324:in `block in <main>' .../Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.0B232D11-6392-4C33-B21F-CDF19406B01B/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/alfred-workflow-2.0.5/lib/alfred.rb:82:in `with_friendly_error' ./glance.rb:322:in `<main>'
  10. I'm on MacOS 10.12.3 Sierra and it's working for me on google chrome and safari. Thanks for this workflow!
  11. Still works in 2017! Running it on Alfred v3.3 (MacOS 10.12.3 Sierra). Thanks for this great workflow! Now I can remove my battery indicator at the top of MacOS' menu bar to reduce clutter.
  12. I can confirm that menu-bar-search still works for alfred 3 on MacOS 10.12 Sierra. For those who may not know how to enable Accessibility for Alfred 3 in MacOS 10.12, go to Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility. Then click the lock and enter your administrator password and use the '+' button to add Alfred 3 to the list. Thank you ctwise for making this wonderful workflow.
  13. Works great! Thanks for this workflow! Feedback on the new beta (v69) • this command isn't working as intended: r thursday have a banana medium priority The workflow will not set this reminder as medium priority. • Additional app support request: Safari, Whatsapp, Spark (email client), Fantastical, Atom, CyberDuck, Parallels, terminal, Github desktop client, iTunes.
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