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  1. The key bindings were also not present for me after I imported the workflow into Alfred. A quick diff between the downloaded version and my edited workflow shows no differences though. So this is not the fault of the author but some Alfred security/compatibility measure on import. You can edit this quickly yourself though: - Go into Alfred Preferences, select the Workflows tab, then find the Div workflow on the left side - Double click into each of the boxes titled "Hotkey" - With selection on the "Hotkey" textbook press for example (control) + (option) + (left) - Save - Repeat with next box The order is: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Full-Screen, Medium-Size, Small-Size
  2. Enter the keyword vlcr followed by ... - play or pause to toggle between playback and pause - stop to exit out of playback and show the playlist - next to go to the next chapter or file - prev or previous to go to the previous chapter or file - fullscreen to toggle between fullscreen and windowed - downloads to load all content of your user's Downloads folder into VLC's playlist - volup to increase the volume by one increment (of 32) - voldown to decrease the volume by one increment (of 32) - volmax to put VLC's volume at its maximum level (use with care) - mute to toggle mute - delayup to increase audio delay by 50ms - delaydown to decrease audio delay by 50ms - subs to toggle through the available subtitles - quit to quit VLC Download: https://github.com/geberl/alfred-vlc-remote Packal: TBA
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