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  1. Oh, finally, the first reply comes. It doesn't work all the time. Actually, a few of bookmarks can be indexed even without the `bm` prefix, but the result is wrong. For example, there is a bookmark named "反斗限免", which the first Chinese character is "fan" in Pinyin, as the following figure shows: However, when I typed `fan` in Alfred, it shows the following result:
  2. Oh hey y’all. Web Bookmarks search is the most frequent feature of Alfred that I use. Since I'm from China, the titles of most of the websites are in Chinese. At present, Alfred cannot search those bookmarks by Pinyin, so it can't give me any clues when I just type a few first characters in Pinyin. It'll be more convenient for Chinese users if Alfred support Chinese search, not only for web bookmarks, but also others, like files, etc. Thanks
  3. The integrated clipboard management feature is pretty good. However, I often need to paste plain text (without any format) from the clipboard, but the text from Alfred Clipboard is formatted. So if there is a hotkey that can paste text without any format, it'll be more awesome.
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