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  1. This is indeed embarrassing!! I had in fact used that combination in a workflow.? I apologize to the forum for entering such a foolish entry in “bug reports”. I thought I had checked the workflows but completely missed it. Sometimes I can’t see trees while standing in the forest. Thank you Vero & Vitor
  2. I have ruled out a workflow, (I believe). I have searched but cannot find anything that is causing this issue. I find that when I use command p on a doc - this shows "2fQVv8FCgwPAdT" As In command p = 2fQVv8FCgwPAdT ??
  3. After updating form Alfred 2 to Alfred 3 - the keyboard "command p", (print), no longer works. It worked using ver 2. It also works when I quit Alfred 3. Any help??
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