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  1. @pontus Well, maybe I can be of a bit more help. Your post started me thinking! So, set up a blank Workflow. Add in a Hotkey trigger. Set the trigger elements to Pass through to workflow and Selection in macOS and in the Related Apps pane add Finder and set the dropdown to have focus. Link this trigger to a Run Script Action. In the Action the settings are /bin/bash with input as {query} and the script is perl -pe 's/[\t\n]/\0/g' <<< "{query}" | xargs -I '{}' -0 mv -n '{}' "${HOME}/${move_to}". Save it and set a Workflow Environment Variable called move_to with the value being the directory you want to move stuff to (I use Documents/Scans). Save and in Finder, select one or more files and trigger your hotkey. Voila!
  2. @pontus Not sure about calling a File Action via a hotkey but the workflow I use has nothing other than the script reproduced above and the Workflow Environment Variable. It's a File Action so I call it via a double-CMD tap and then CMD+9 (which is not what you want, I gather). Sorry couldn't be of more help.
  3. @Dynamitleo Uploaded the workflow here. Yes, it's bash script linked to a File Action. Just in case there's a problem with the upload, here's the script: perl -pe 's/[\t\n]/\0/g' <<< "{query}" | xargs -I '{}' -0 mv -n '{}' "${HOME}/${move_to}" And there's a Workflow Environment Variable set (move_to) that contains the path to the folder you want to move to. I use this to dump files that have accumulated all over my workspace (Downloads, Desktop, scanner folder etc.) to a single directory where I use Hazel to file them in appropriate folders according to the file name and type. Very useful! Thanks again, @vitor
  4. Mea culpa. That was dumb of me. Thanks, it works perfectly! Vivek
  5. Hi Deanishe, True dat! However, I think I figured out my goof. I set the Hotkey Argument to "Selection in macOS" and in Related Apps I specified Finder and now both the hotkey combos seem to be working. Thanks!
  6. Hey Vitor, Thanks for the quick response! A bit different from what I'm used to in QS... But, one bug: when I choose a file in Alfred and run this as a File Action, it moves the chosen file to the Documents directory and renames it as 'Scans' without an extension.
  7. Just migrating to Alfred from Quicksilver and stumbled on to a weird issue. I created a Workflow to open a PDF file (selected in Finder) with PDFPen Pro (instead of Preview) using ALT+CMD+DownArrow. That way, using just CMD+DownArrow enables me to open the selected PDF in Preview and the hotkey enables me to open it in PDFPen Pro, if that's what I need. Works perfectly. Duplicated the workflow and set a new trigger and a new app: CMD+RightArrow to open the selected file in TextWrangler. Nothing happens. At all. Tried a bunch of hotkey combos, still nothing. Why should it work for one app but not the other? Any settings hidden somewhere that need tweaking? Thanks!
  8. Am just migrating to Alfred from Quicksilver and one of my much used triggers in QS was ALT+CMD+M which would move the selected file/s in folder to a fixed directory ("~/Documents/Scans') that Hazel was watching and would then file them in the appropriate directories based on its (Hazel's) rules. This way if I had files sitting on my Desktop or in my Downloads folder or misfiled somewhere, I could select, hit the hotkey trigger and Hazel would do the rest. Can I get something like this working in Alfred? Can't quite figure out how to Move the selected files in a Workflow and how to specify the target directory. Thanks!
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