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  1. sharte

    how to turn off command + r

    Went through my workflow section again and noticed on one of them, the far right section of the window wasn't fully showing. So expanded the window and lo and behold the infamous command + r showed. Changed it and am god to go. Thanks much for your help!
  2. sharte

    how to turn off command + r

    When I have Alfred running, in my browsers and for Rapidweaver I cannot use command + r to refresh the browser or for RW, toggle between preview and edit. When I quit Alfred the shortcut commands again work in RW and my browsers.
  3. sharte

    how to turn off command + r

    Well, going to the Alfred cheatsheet https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/cheatsheet/ I see at the bottom for iTunes/music, command + r is used to Reindex iTunes library. I didn't see anything in my Workflow with that command.
  4. How do I turn off the Alfred hotkey command + r? Several of my programs use that so I need to delete that. Thanks much!