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    Hello All I am from those people who open so many windows apps and tabs, but at a certain point I feel overwhelmed and need for focus . So, I found this script and I modified the names of the apps that need to be persistent tell application "System Events" to set the visible of every process to true set white_list to {"Finder","Todoist","Alfred 3","Snip","TextExpander","Alfred Preferences","ExpressVPN","Google Chrome"} try tell application "Finder" set process_list to the name of every process whose visible is true end tell repeat with i from 1 to (number of items in process_list) set this_process to item i of the process_list if this_process is not in white_list then if this_process is not in the frontmost then tell application this_process quit end tell end if end if end repeat on error tell the current application to display dialog "An error has occurred!" & return & "This script will now quit" buttons {"Quit"} default button 1 with icon 0 end try However, the frontmost app still get closed. In addition, I want to minimize all apps in the white_list except if it is the frontmost, any ideas? Thank you