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  1. I work at large company with a pretty good staff database api, but strange thing is our carddav integration is very broken, so I can’t query macOS contacts app directly.


    And using web is just not as fast as Alfred search. I also prefer to have single place where I store my important contacts (one address book).


    I think I will just append filter item to add person I found using workflow and api to contacts if I really need to.


    Anyway, thanks for answers guys!

    I’ll be coding now :)

  2. 12 minutes ago, deanishe said:


    Add a second Script Filter downstream from your first one that lists the selected contact's details.


    As you say, you can't return items of type "contact", so you can't use Alfred's contact viewer with your own data. Your only option is to create your own viewer based on a Script Filter. That or integrate your employee directory into Contacts.app.


    Thank you for reply, I’m using your python lib btw, very impressed! Awesome job!


    So it should not be too difficult to replicate “contacts like” viewer using second script filter ?

  3. Hey!

    My workflow parses query result from web request to internal database of employees to quickly find the right person.


    Thing is I want to output person like a contact - to quickly compose mail or message or call that person, based on retrieved info.


    1. So I get query result from api,


    Like this: 1648694393_2019-05-1116_52_11.png.1df33b544ee1b4c2c28d5fbc10e0dbbd.png



    2. Then when I press enter on the right result I want to get full contact info (same as default contacts search in alfred)

    Like this: contacts-viewer-address.png



    Script Search filter only allow to specify file or default in json.

    What can I do to achieve result like this? Is this possible?

  4. Hello guys!

    Just wanted to share workflow I created for Mountain Duck app.

    Heavily based on Cyberduck Favorites by Kasoki



    Just use "md" and "mt" keywords for searching your bookmarks list of ftp\sftp\basically any type of server to quickly mount\unmount or ssh to it. 

    It's based on apple script menu bar item click integration, but is very reliable, at least for me.




    Happy for any kind of feedback :)

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