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  1. Thanx Deanishe. I appreciate the response.
  2. Hi everyone. I have a collection of custom web searches that I would like to execute using a hyperlink. This way I have a clickable solution to run it when presented with a reminder or am reviewing my notes. I could create a workflow with an external trigger, but it feels like a lot of added overhead to build and maintain for a simple mechanism. Is there a mechanism to trigger a specific Alfred custom web search via a hyperlink? e.g. "alfred://websearch (You need to check this today)"
  3. Thanx again. The above is an example to demo the need. I have encapsulated everything I can into single entities that can be copied between workflows. It's more like what you suggested, workflows integrating with others to create new flows or enhance existing ones without having to update every copy when tools or processes change.
  4. Thank-you deanishe. It's nice to know its possible. Is there an example I could review to see how to pass the name of the external trigger to another workflow, and then call it when that workflow finished?
  5. Hi everyone. I have several workflows that call others using the "call external trigger" feature. This has worked well, allowing me to create islands of work that I can chain together for new efforts. I am finding that there are few common tasks that I have to duplicate at the start of a few flows through (e.g. run app X, Y, & Z if not already started). I'd like to centralize those tasks into one entity I can easily maintain, but I don't see a solution similar to "call external trigger" to accomplish this that will return to the calling flow. For example, from this:
  6. No worries. Poor choice of words. I meant not needing LaunchControl or similar software for managing launchd Launch Agents.
  7. I found a way that doesn't involve additional software. Open a new Automator workflow Add a "Run Applescript" action Paste the sample Alfred code provided by the External Trigger Save it as an app In the Mac system preferences, open "Security & Privacy" Under "Privacy", add your new Automator workflow app Open Calendar Create a new event Edit the event (i.e. double-click the event, then click on the start date/time ) Add an alert to "Open file" Select the Automator workflow app If desired, change the events time or dat
  8. Nuts, though I can appreciate the design philosophy. Could you point me to some AppleScript that show how to trigger a workflow using an external trigger?
  9. Hi forum. I recently purchased the Alfred PowerPack and am looking forward to leveraging its power. I've added a few custom workflows that are triggered by hotkeys which run some NSAppleScripts. I'd like to do the same for a few more, but triggered automatically at a specific time each week (e.g. "every Friday @ 6pm"). I don't see a workflow object that is triggered by date or time. Is this possible in Alfred?
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