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  1. Hi Vero, - Can you connect your Remote to your Mac and see the pages of icons on your Remote? Yes, earlier that didnt happen. - If you set a simple action (e.g. Show Alfred, launch Safari, open Documents folder), does this action work? Or do no actions at all work? Kind of, the remote on ipad or iphone will show "Action-OK" in upper right of its screen, but not on the Mac Mini, from the notification center I dont get the connection and "action" doesnt fire. - Take a look at Console.app, do you see any error messages that would be relevant? No idea where that is and I am sorry will be away from computer rest of day. - Ancil, in the case of your two Macs, which version of OS X, version of Alfred are you using on each one? Are you using the same Remote prefs on both Macs? Everything is the same (as in updated to newest) version, computer (10.12.4), alfred (3.3.1), remote prefs (sync in icloud). Overall very happy with Alfred, great app! I think isolated to the 2012 Mac Mini? Cheers! Andy
  2. Okay I have a 2015 Macbook, works fine there. I have a mac mini 2012, no worky work... lol. Any ideas? Like I said ever since I did the recent update is when things went wrong.
  3. Since the recent apple update to 10.12.4, I can launch remote but none of the items will fir on the mac. Is there someone working on this?
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