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  1. How about a workflow that allows us to schedule new meetings?
  2. Hi @siyahmadde I'm looking for a timer like this but without HUE integration, is there any easy way to do it?
  3. Deanishe, you're right. I'm not sure what to do, where to add my API key, etc. I created "script filter" but still don't know what I'm doing wrong. Do you mind uploading the final forkflow? as of the installation Alfred says "If you intend to distribute your workflow to other users, you should include Alfred-Workflow (and other non-standard Python libraries your workflow requires) within your workflow as described above. Do not ask users to install anything into their system Python. That way lies broken software." So, I guess I should not to force someone to install anything. I appreciate your help.
  4. I'm new to creating Workflows. I'm trying to create a workflow that will pull the data via API to JSON and show results directly in Alfred without the need to visit the website to look at the response. API REQUEST GET https://api.website.com/?domain=test.com&apikey=yourapikey&output=output_type So, what I'm trying to do is this: type "dns test.com" then request is: GET https://api.website.com/?domain=test.com&apikey=123123123123123&output=json The response will be: JSON response will look like this: { "query": { "tool": "name of the tool", "domain": "test.com" }, "expectedresponse": "", "response": { "server": [ { "location": "Town, Country", "resultvalue": "", "resultstatus": "ok" }, { "location": "Another Town, Another Country", "resultvalue": "", "resultstatus": "ok" }, ] } } and I'm trying to show it in the Alfred window: DNS test of test.com Expected Response: 1. Town, Country - - NOT OK 2. Another Town, Another Country - - OK etc. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I just prepared very simple workflow to check DNS propagation time. It's helpful when redirecting domains and checking if DNS propagated yet. At this moment it's using www.whatsmydns.net but I may consider expanding it to show it in the Alfred directly. Just type: "dnsprop {domain.name}" and a page with results will open. http://www.packal.org/workflow/dns-propagation-checker
  6. How can I set a source language? Google got confused multiple times.
  7. Now it stopped working http://d.inco.re/a69OLC
  8. I'm sorry, good point Here's the workflow - http://d.inco.re/ecE6uA
  9. I'm trying to create a very simple workflow 1. Keyword: mic (with space) argument required http://d.inco.re/J07mwL 2. Run Script osa script set volume input volume {query} http://d.inco.re/0y7Fq 3. Post Notification Microphone Volume Set to {query} % http://d.inco.re/dceme2 I have no idea any notification does not show {query} at all Thanks in advance for all your help.
  10. Is there a way just to type "dcalc mm/dd/yy" and see how many days it is since that day until today without typing "dcalc mm/dd/yy - today"?
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