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  1. Well, now I feel dumb! I've been what I thought was a power user since version 2, and somehow I missed this for the better part of a decade! 🤨 Always something new to learn, thanks @Vero! I was just telling my barber less than an hour ago about how indispensible a tool Alfred is, gonna get together and show him the ropes of custom workflows for similar volunteer work we do!
  2. Just a small detail here, but it's something I notice at least a couple times a month: There seems to be no logical order to the Features section of Alfred's preferences. For instance, I'm a heavy user of Snippets. Every time I go to change or add something, I naturally look toward the bottom of the list. Then I remember it's not there, and have to scan back through the list until I find it, between Clipboard and Calculator?. So that's my feature request... even if you kept the default order the same, if there was a Finder-style tab at the top where you could sort the list alphabetically I would be a very happy camper. Thanks so much!
  3. @xilopaint I was hoping that was the case too, but no dice. All you can do is get a list of events. You can, however, choose which events you want to list, one of the following: attending, created, declined, maybe, not_replied. @Florian I really wish the forum ran on Discourse, because I'm so used to it from other tech spaces (and Markdown!!!). But I have managed to figure out, there's a "Follow" button, top right, above the "Reply to this topic" button.
  4. @xilopaint Thanks for responding! From the Graph API docs: "By default this does not include events the person has declined or not replied to". Is that the right use case for what you'd want to do with it—only listing events you've confirmed?
  5. I've managed various Facebook pages over the years (currently 3), and lately I've been wishing more and more to do some of that management via Alfred. This week I started hacking on it a bit, but I decided to work on a personal Facebook workflow first to get the feel for working with the Graph API, and then moving on to one for page management. I wanted to post about it here, just to see (a) if there was much interest in it besides for my own usage, (b) if so, what Facebooky things do you wish you could do via Alfred, either personal or page related? What's working now or will be shortly... Login to Facebook app. A regular (text) post to Timeline Link post to Timeline. Photo post to Timeline Post video to Timeline Upload photo to album Upload new video File action to upload photo to Timeline. File action to create new album with multiple photos. Other ideas I've had... List last n items I posted (posts, photos, videos) and open in browser. List my groups and open selection in browser. List my events and open selection in browser. List my friend lists and open selected list in browser. Search, narrowed by any of the above items. If anyone has ideas/suggestions about the best way to organize the different items below for easy access in a workflow, I'm all ears as well—there's a lot of options here, and I want to make sure it's as easy as possible to use quickly!
  6. @deanishe Interesting! I hadn't noticed them snapping into place in relation to one another, gonna have to go check it out now. I know the elements snap to grid in general, because at times I've actually resorted to counting the snaps to grid to make sure elements were equally spaced... one of those ridiculous OCD moments, I guess! The use case for the relative spacing guides would be in workflows like the screenshot below—it'd be nice to just have a little visual confirmation that the white space between the three objects is equal.
  7. (I wasn't sure if I should open up a new topic or bump this one with a comment, so feel free to move it if necessary.) The guides have made it so much better... thanks again for them, @Andrew! Now the only thing I miss from laying other apps is the relative spacing guides, so I can know that my objects are equally spaced from each other, like the "Show guides for relative spacing" preference in Keynote. Here's a gif of the feature, just for reference. Thanks!
  8. I'm glad you asked, because I actually updated the workflow this week, to add Opera to the browsers and display a notification once the article was added to Instapaper, but forgot to mention it on this thread. Here's the link to the release: https://github.com/derBingle/alfred-instapaper/releases/tag/v1.0.0 @edbro What browser are you using? After seeing this, I checked it in Safari, Chrome, and Opera just to make sure it's working, and it did for me. Try updating to the new version, and see if that makes a difference. If not, let me know and we'll go from there. Glad someone is getting some use out of it besides me! ?
  9. Understood. ?? I didn't figure you would add it to the gist—it's most definitely an (unavoidable) hack and also subject to change with any changes to Opera. Mainly just sharing for any other Opera switchers like me who want to get back the functionality in their workflows.
  10. Not too long ago I switched to using Opera as my everyday browser. I really like it (Chromium + native ad blocking + better looking), but missed all the Alfred workflows that get the current URL. I've already been doing some GUI scripting for other reasons, so the last time by muscle memory I tried to use a "current url" workflow in Opera, I decided to see how hard it would be. Turns out, not hard at all—here's what I added to the script to make it work for Opera: else if (frontApp = "Opera") then tell application "System Events" tell application process "Opera" set currentTabUrl to value of text field "Address field" of toolbar 1 of (first window whose subrole is "AXStandardWindow") end tell end tell Note: The whole url needs to be showing in the address bar, since that's where this gets it from. So make sure Settings > Browser > "Show full URL in combined search and address bar" is checked. Otherwise, for example, "https://www.google.com/" would just return "www.google.com". Also, Alfred needs to have Accessibility access, but if you're reading this, it most likely already does. ? Hope it helps someone!
  11. Hey @hugh1li, from the link it looks like you have to be logged into to Web of Knowledge to use the website at all, so you won't be able to use a simple custom web search for this. Hope that helps — sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
  12. I have this set up as a custom search in Alfred, with "gly" (Google Last Year) as the keyword. The url in your custom search needs to be: https://www.google.com/#q={query}&tbs=qdr:y&* Here's a screenshot of the setup pane: Hope that helps! Bing
  13. Thanks for the feedback, @deanishe. I don't disagree—Node's just what I'm working day to day and JS is the only language I'm comfortable in (working on that, though!). I already knew/used the Lodash string functions and smart title case module, so it was quick and easy to put this together. I have quite a few personalized Alfred workflows that use node extensively, so I didn't even think about it. But you're right. I might just compile the script to a binary for non-node users — seems a lot less complicated that switching to JXA, adding browersify to bundle the required modules. But I'm open to suggestions. @dfay This workflow only exists because I was needing the 3 programming-related cases—the sentence related ones were more of a "might as well add it while I'm here" afterthought. So definitely no workflow-infringement intended here - if people don't need snake/kebab/camel case, they should definitely use yours!
  14. Hey all, just published a little workflow so that I can change the case of the text in the clipboard quickly. The code is here: https://github.com/derBingle/alfred-change-case. It requires nodejs, so if you have it already, you can install via npm install -g alfred-change-case Screenshot: : Would love any feedback/suggestions!
  15. Just throwing together a quick workflow this morning and did the pre-release update to check out the feature. Just wanted to hop back in and say great job! It makes so much easier to make everything look the way you want! Much appreciated, @Andrew!
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