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  1. Hi Shanxs, Recently YouTube changed their API. Due to the changes, the workflow no longer works. I would love to update this workflow to accomodate the changes but right now, I don't have the time. The workflow is open sourced on Github and I will be happy to merge the changes, if someone takes the time to fix it. Actually, it shouldn't be too difficult to make the changes. I recently updated one of our commercial apps to the new YouTube API. Best regards, Simon Støvring
  2. Hi, I have just created a little workflow which searches Lyric Wiki for lyrics for the song currently being played in Spotify. Maybe it can be useful for others as well :-) The workflow has a single command lyrics which searches Lyric wiki for the lyric. If the lyric is found, you can open it in your default browser. The source for the workflow is available on GitHub where you can also download the workflow. Best regards, Simon Støvring
  3. Thanks, that's cool. Didn't know about your site. That's a great initiative. Any chance you can add my other workflows? https://github.com/simonbs/alfred-cloudapp-workflow https://github.com/simonbs/alfred-safari-tabs-workflow https://github.com/simonbs/alfred-movies-workflow https://github.com/simonbs/alfred-tweetbot-workflow
  4. Woaaah!! That's magic! Really cool. Thanks for the tip
  5. Hm, that is strange. I'm glad that it works now
  6. I'm not sure why this might happen for you. Do you have the latest version of Alfred 2 installed? Can you try open just one window with one simple tab (e.g. "Google", nothing fancy) and see if it works?
  7. Thank you! That's great. I had been struggling with focusing the correct window and in the end I came up with some "hack" solution which made the window animate and what not. Your solution is way more elegant. I have also fixed the issue with quotes in names. Anyone using the workflow should update it to the latest version.
  8. Hi, I like the Google Chrome Tab Search workflow that alfredo has developed but as I primarily use Safari, I decided to make a similar workflow which searches tabs in Safari. The workflow allows you to search all open tabs in all open windows and selecting a result will change to the tab and focus the window. The workflow only includes one command: tabs (query) Searches for tabs matching the specified query. Both name of the tab as well as the URL is matched. The query is optional and if no query is specified, all open tabs will be listed.When ”hovering” over a tab in the list, you c
  9. Ah, yes. Brain fart. It should be fixed now. Grab the latest version.
  10. Hello, I have used this workflow developed by Robert Hovath but I often want to look up and actor, so I decided to make my own workflow for searching for actors, movies and TV series on IMDb and I'ld like to share it with you The workflow uses one single command. m [query] Looks up a movie, TV series or actor matching the query.If a movie or TV series is selected, detailed information will be loaded from OMDb and shown. The detailed information includes the option for watching plot summary and a poster in quick look, view a list of actors in Alfred and view a trailer on YouTub
  11. I'm getting the below error when trying to upload a workflow. I have tried three different workflows and all have a bundle ID set in Alfred. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I have seen that before, however, I am not able to reproduce the issue. Do you have the latest version of Alfred (b79)? If not, download it from here and see if that helps. http://media.alfredapp.com/v2beta/
  13. I have updated the workflow to use autocompletion. The commands are now "youtube" for a quick and dirty search and "yt" for full functionality. Type "yt" to show autocompletions. Grab the latest version here.
  14. The workflow is updated to only use a single keyword and autocompletion. This makes it way easier to control Tweetbot as well as remember the commands. Grab the new version here.
  15. That’s definitely possible but as you mention this would require some configurations and authentication. I would like to keep this workflow very easy to use and therefore I don't think that I will include this yet. Hopefully Alfred will some day include a way to do "workflow wide" configurations from within the workflow editor. I have suggested that here. http://www.alfredforum.com/index.php?/topic/174-configurations-in-a-workflow/
  16. I see. I guess you could return a row when a satisfying pattern is entered (e.g. "timer (min) (message)"). The row would say "Start timer" and have "start-(min)-(message)" as argument, call a script (possibly another dunction in the same script) as action and the newly called function will set the timer with the argument parsed and display a notification. There might be a better way but this is what just what popped into my head
  17. It's correct why aiyo says. That's the way to do it. To avoid having multiple notifications shown, you could remove the bash script and the notification action from your workflow and make your script filter display the notifications and only do it when you want it to.
  18. I was actually thinking something like this too. I don't think that the directories need to be named something specific. Each directory is just initialized with a git repository. Then it's easy to see if there are any updates and pull those. You can even just do a completely new checkout or in any other way force the update to overwrite everything. Of course, developers would have to put configurations in a config file then but that's best practice any way This also solves the problem of storing and managing all available workflows. They could simply sit in a repository on GitHub. This i
  19. I have updated Peter Okmas Feedback class to set "valid" and "autocomplete" on the item. Read more about this here. You can download the updated class here, if you want it.
  20. Great. That works. Thanks for the help. I have updated Peter Okmas Feedback class to do set the valid and autocomplete flags in this way. You can download it here.
  21. Hello, It would be great if you could somehow enter configurations in a workflow and these configurations would apply to the entire workflow. This could simply be a textbox with some JSON that the workflows could access and parse. I don't think anything fancy is needed. For example, in my CloudApp workflow (more on this here), I need people who use it to edit a file to enter the credentials for their CloudApp account and archive the files themselves. It would be way easier if they could just import the workflow and fill out the needed fields.
  22. Hello, I have made a workflow which makes it easy to upload files to CloudApp as well as view and delete recent uploads. The workflow can also be used to create bookmarks on CloudApp. This is practically the same as a cool URL shortener The below description of the workflow is the same that you can find in this blog post or on GitHub. Yup, I'm just being lazy Features Two file actions to upload a file to CloudApp. One action uploads as a public file while to other uploads the file as privately. View items recently uploaded to CloudApp and select one to copy the URL to the
  23. Great idea. I just put it into the latest version. Download it here and use the "youtubec" keyword
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