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  1. Excuse me, that is correct. I've found the Alfred.alfredpreferences file but couldn't get the preferences back. So for me to learn - all custem searches and workflows are saved in the Alfred.alfredpreferences file, correct? As it did not work out this time I will just start new again, it was not too much and I might learn something.
  2. Thank you, but I don't have the prefs.json file in the Alfred 3 folder. (i'm in the hidden library folder 👍)
  3. Hello everyone, this is kind of last minute as I only have a 24h backup (iMac). Yesterday afternoon i've clicked on an alfred settings file and it has overwritten all my settings and workflows. It looks like default settings. Now I'm trying to find out where I've saved my previous settings because I couldn't find them. I don't know if I've synced them. Is there any way (maybe in the logs) to find out from where alfred was sourcing it's settings before so I could recover it from a 24h backup? Thank you! Kim
  4. Hi! iMac with 10.14 Mojave Alfred 3.7 Searching for .numbers file in local folder which is synced with icloud (nubmers folder). Sometimes the file shows up and sometimes it does not. It happens in Spotlight as well. Tried to index again but did not help. And later finding out my father has the same issue. This file is a shared one through icloud, not sure if that might be part of the issue? Thank you!
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