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  1. Mike, not sure how the authentication works, but I'm afraid that's beyond what I can support (if at all possible). Sorry! -Stefan
  2. Hey Shiram, confluence_baseurl should not have a trailing slash, have you removed it? (look up /Users/myuser/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.k15t.labs.alfredapp.confluence.quicksearch/). It should look like this: { "__workflow_last_version": "1.0.2", "confluence_baseUrl": "", "confluence_username": "" } Cheers, -Stefan
  3. Hey Doctorwho, it looks like you have configured as Confluence Base Url, which is most probably not right. Please delete the ~/.alfred-confluence.json file and follow the step #3 from the getting started guide and make sure to use the correct Confluence Base URL. If you cannot get this to work, please create again the ~/.alfred-confluence.json file and post its contents here. -Stefan PS: Matt, I believe you experience the same issue. Pls. try to do as describe above too.
  4. Have you created the file ~/.alfred-confluence.json yet? If yes, please delete (or rename) and try again to use confluence_baseurl, confluence_username, and confluence_password. Hope this helps! -Stefan
  5. Hey doctorwho, try to configure by just typing 'confluence_baseurl', etc. (without the 'c'). -Stefan
  6. Hey Matt, not sure what happend here. Did you use the "advanced configuration" in order to connect to multiple Confluence-Systems? ( If so, please post contents of the ~/.alfred-confluence.json file. -Stefan
  7. Hey all, I have just published the Alfred Confluence workflow. The Alfred Confluence workflow let's you find and open Confluence pages and blog posts from Alfred. Once installed and set up, just type c <search terms> ('c' standing for Confluence). Download & Links: Latest Release: Docs: Packal: I've tested with Alfred 3 and on macOS Sierra. Hope you find it useful. Cheers, -Stefan