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  1. I have activated clipboard merging to be able to copy and merge to the last entry in the clipboard using CMD+C+C. Since the last update to Alfred 4.0.5, it seems that cutting (CMD+X) automatically merges/appends the cut text to the clipboard's last entry, without the possibility of not merging. This is not the desired behaviour, at least for me. I would be happy with an option for cutting similar to the one for copying though (e.g. CMD+X for cutting without merging and CMD+X+X for cutting and merging, in a similar fashion to CMD+C for copying and CMD+C+C for copying and
  2. Excellent! Thank you so much for your prompt response and quick fix. I can't find the new alfred workflow (maybe the server didn't update yet) though ;-(
  3. Not sure as I cannot get the airplay server on the network (online) for the moment.
  4. I have launched the debugger but nothing appears when I do this in the log. You are right that all airplay servers were turned off, this might be why.
  5. I have just tried the new script but when typing "aps" in Alfred, nothing happens. No option appears, no list of airplay receivers. Anything needs to be added in the config?
  6. Thank you so much for this workflow. I have been using it for years and it is one of my most used workflows, especially for the ability to switch between any open window with 'w'. While the 'ww' command to search and open specific tabs in Safari still works for me, the switch to an open application window with 'w' seems now broken. Here is my configuration: Mac OSX Mojave: 10.14.2 Latest version of Swift Window Switcher: 0.3.0 I am not sure what makes it not work anymore. There is no specific message popping up in the Alfred debug console. It was w
  7. Did anyone fix this? It seems that there is a version with a fix for the Google Location API that has been created but no link to download it was provided on Github or here.
  8. It seems that the examples that you have given above only work if you write without capitals: dcalc today + 3w x tuesdays wednesdays fridays
  9. Hi Stuart, I have just updated to OSX 10.14 Mojave, and I now notice that CoreLocationCLI doesn't work anymore (it times out after about 5 seconds.I have reinstalled CoreLocationCLI from scratch too to make sure). This is not an issue with your Alfred Workflow but maybe something to consider and look into. Do you know if this works for you on Mojave? I have logged an issue with CoreLocationCLI. Here is the link on GitHub: https://github.com/fulldecent/corelocationcli/issues/20 Maybe you could also follow up on my issue to help see if
  10. Thank you very much for creating such a great workflow. I have found a few things that do not work and how to fix them. The contents of /usr/bin/osascript currently refer to Alfred 2, not Alfred 3: to get the workflow to work with Alfred 3, all instances of: tell application "Alfred 2", need to be replaced with: tell application "Alfred 3" The first /usr/bin/osascript (the one linked to dcalc) has all escapings active. Removing all escapings should allow the workflow to work properly without throwing an error when the output is anything else than just a date. For exampl
  11. The only thing I found is the list of Google GeoLocation codes: https://fusiontables.google.com/DataSource?docid=1PMUKjN14MzsHiDlk5QfpkcpFJCEyEQOU4f6AQFwi#rows:id=1 The gl code seems to be gb (Great Britain) From this I assume the call would look something like: https://www.youtube.com/results?gl=gb&search_query=
  12. Hi Dean, I have tried but couldn't find where the location values are. Do you know where these can be found? I have searched the youtube API and couldn't find them there.
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