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  1. Hi @nonickfx - will this take any file and move it wherever you tell alfred to put it? Sorry I can't help with the code. I was just searching for a way to have Alfred move files around.
  2. Excellent! I guess the tools I use often are Evernote, Asana, Vimeo, Sibelius, Pixelmator, Transcribe!, Google Docs. A few for your list Great workflow, thanks!
  3. Not sure who runs the actual tech of this ip board forum install ( @Vero ?) but I wondered if you'd done anything to increase the session time for this forum? I have a forum using IPB, and am part of other communities using IP Board, but seem to always have to log in each session. Here it seems the session is always open. What's the magic ?
  4. Thanks again for that workflow, @vitor! Worked like a charm & saved me a bunch of time Mike
  5. Is there a workflow to convert a timestamp in HH MM SS to seconds only? Cheers!
  6. Ah, guess that was just some weird links I tried. Working great with books and things. Thanks for making that, Vitor Mike
  7. Hey @vitor - thanks for trying, but this returns 404 errors when you go to the co.uk page I tried simplifying the co.uk URL, but still same. Best, Mike
  8. I'm trying to do this: I follow a weblink to an Amazon.com page, and I'd like to then open that page result in Amazon.co.uk Is that possible to do with an Alfred Workflow, or maybe some other way? Thanks in advance, Mike
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