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  1. Nice one! The data above I got from exiftool in terminal. Guessing that your app is reading the 'GPS coordinates', and not GPS Longitude/Latitude? Would love to help figure that out, but not sure where to start!
  2. Yes, it works with video Are there some formats of exif data that it doesn't parse? E.g., for this gps data the 'Image coordinates in map' option in File Actions doesn't show up. GPS Latitude Ref : North GPS Latitude : 51 deg 26' 11.86" GPS Longitude Ref : West GPS Longitude : 0 deg 17' 7.98" GPS Altitude Ref : Above Sea Level GPS Altitude : 28.48471178 m GPS Speed Ref : km/h GPS Speed : 0.473733604 GPS Img Direction Ref : True North GPS Img Direction : 52.46899414 GPS Dest Bearing Ref : True North GPS Dest Bearing : 52.46899414 GPS Date Stamp : 2020:10:17 GPS Horizontal Positioning Error: 12.00181242 m GPS Altitude : 28.4 m Above Sea Level GPS Latitude : 51 deg 26' 11.86" N GPS Longitude : 0 deg 17' 7.98" W GPS Position : 51 deg 26' 11.86" N, 0 deg 17' 7.98" W If it's like this below, then it's fine: GPS Coordinates : 51 deg 33' 14.40" N, 0 deg 18' 32.40" W, 25.02 m Above Sea Level GPS Altitude : 25.02 m GPS Altitude Ref : Above Sea Level GPS Latitude : 51 deg 33' 14.40" N GPS Longitude : 0 deg 18' 32.40" W GPS Position : 51 deg 33' 14.40" N, 0 deg 18' 32.40" W
  3. Hi Vitor, The 'image coordinates in map' option has disappeared from the file action list. I downloaded an old version and that worked for images ok, so I don't think I've screwed anything up with the Alfred settings.
  4. Hi Vitor, Could your script also do this action on video files? I can't see the 'image coordinates map' for videos. Works brilliantly for images
  5. I meant the text in the image: "For background app scripts..." I'm on Catalina too.
  6. Hey thanks, Alan. This doesn't work for me at the moment though. Not sure why, but in case I'm missing something: I'm on Alfred 4, MacBook Pro 2017 touchbar. I get this notification in Alfred re the apple script:
  7. Hello, I'm getting a tiny bit of latency after invoking the Alfred main window so Alfred isn't catching the first letter of a shortcut. Is there any way to reduce the latency, or just ensure is running as fast as possible? Many thanks
  8. Wondering if there's an Alfred shortcut to toggle off the trackpad on my Macbook when I'm typing? At the moment I'm plugging in a mouse and it's set up to disable the trackpad when it's plugged in. Would be ace to use a shortcut though
  9. Thanks, I can get that to play the playlist, but is there a way to do that and open the Spotify player as well, or would I just have to switch apps? I'm wanting to see the playlist to update it, rather than hear it. I can do it by opening the URI in terminal in Alfred but I get the feeling I'm doing some unnecessary steps there. Basically what I want to do it the same as if I pasted in the URI into the Spotify search tab where it opens the playlist but doesn't play it.
  10. @vdesabou - Thanks, I got everything I need from the DB. Last thing - Can the Mini Player open a spotify URI?
  11. Thanks for this! Just wondering: I'm wanting to create a database to manage 350 of my playlists (making sure they're up to date, etc) Is there a way to export info from the app to something like Google Sheets? I guess I'd like to get the Playlist Title, A Link so it opens in Spotify, When last updated into GSheets. Cheers!
  12. Hi @nonickfx - will this take any file and move it wherever you tell alfred to put it? Sorry I can't help with the code. I was just searching for a way to have Alfred move files around.
  13. Excellent! I guess the tools I use often are Evernote, Asana, Vimeo, Sibelius, Pixelmator, Transcribe!, Google Docs. A few for your list Great workflow, thanks!
  14. Not sure who runs the actual tech of this ip board forum install ( @Vero ?) but I wondered if you'd done anything to increase the session time for this forum? I have a forum using IPB, and am part of other communities using IP Board, but seem to always have to log in each session. Here it seems the session is always open. What's the magic ?
  15. Thanks again for that workflow, @vitor! Worked like a charm & saved me a bunch of time Mike
  16. Is there a workflow to convert a timestamp in HH MM SS to seconds only? Cheers!
  17. Ah, guess that was just some weird links I tried. Working great with books and things. Thanks for making that, Vitor Mike
  18. Hey @vitor - thanks for trying, but this returns 404 errors when you go to the co.uk page I tried simplifying the co.uk URL, but still same. Best, Mike
  19. I'm trying to do this: I follow a weblink to an Amazon.com page, and I'd like to then open that page result in Amazon.co.uk Is that possible to do with an Alfred Workflow, or maybe some other way? Thanks in advance, Mike
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