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  1. Looks like macOS Catalina allows this functionality without having to resort to Dropbox. You can now 'Pin' files and folders in iCloud, which presumably keeps them local, regardless of your Mac optimisation. Just have to mention that the "expert" answers in this thread are probably on the mark, but felt hostile and like gatekeeping. Throwing that critique out there, do with it what you will.
  2. Just now. Apparently that got cross posted, so before I hadn’t. Yup, your post clarifies it quite a bit. If the assumption is that anybody can edit that directory, then syncing is quite a bit harder. Make me want to request CloudKit anyway, allowing me to just not care about other programs editing the preferences (I specifically don’t.) Thanks for answering!
  3. No, I’m not? CloudKit is even mentioned in the quote I’m using. But to alleviate confusion; as a customer the only thing I’m interested in is keeping a copy of my Alfred setup somewhere, so I’ll have access to it on new devices and/or on reinstalls. This is something that’s been done by other apps using either iCloud or CloudKit. Currently Alfred only provides a file syncing version, for which it recommends Dropbox. iCloud is not recommended for good reasons. However, Deanishe was mentioning specific reasons for why implementing CloudKit doesn’t make sense. However, I don’t understand the reasoning, so I asked clarification. You’re giving the same reason, because of Workflows, Alfred doesn’t know what’s in its preferences. But I still don’t know why that’s the case; I have never touched the Alfred preferences folder directly, so Alfred should know exactly what’s in there. CloudKit would be a good fit for that case. Hopefully that clears up the confusion. Hopefully someone can clarify why Workflows somehow wrests certainty from Alfred in such a way that CloudKit isn’t a good fit.
  4. Deanishe, can you elaborate on this a bit more? I don't really understand what you mean with 'the files belong to workflows'. * Is there something nice that Alfred is doing that allows Workflows to update files automatically from remote sources? * Or are you talking about the user installing a new update to a workflow, which might update a large number of files and Alfred wouldn't know how to handle conflicts if the user happened to install another update on another machine, before it got synced automatically? I'm in the same boat, where I want to drop Dropbox entirely, but Alfred is keeping me back. And from a iOS developer perspective, it's interesting to hear about why CloudKit is a bad solution for this.
  5. Currently, I have a nice Snippet Trigger set up that asks me about three keywords, for use in a clipboard action later. This works great! However, an inconvenience is that the next keyword input always auto-remembers the previous input. This causes me to have to select all and then start typing, instead of just start typing. Is there any way to force a clear of the input field?
  6. Interesting that only now I found that double-tapping/clicking also opens the Edit Details. Also very fast and would make the keyboard shortcut superfluous. It still would be a handy addition, for anyone that doesn't use double-tapping/clicking a lot.
  7. It would be very nice if, instead of only being able to use the context menu, we could also use a keyboard shortcut to quickly access the 'Edit Details' for Workflow components (and groups).
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