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  1. I'm using the 3.4 private beta. This article talks about biggest change (dropping tasks).
  2. Yeah, especially if noone else is having this. Well, I think it is getting close to public release, so, perhaps then we shall see.
  3. Anyone else having trouble using some of these actions after upgrade to Alfred 4? I know searching folders and searching tags is not working for me (returning error: "No such column: active"). This could also be the result of me using beta version of OF 3, which adds the "dropped" status.
  4. Anyone have any idea how to update this workflow for DevonThink 3? Thanks! I love the workflow obviously...
  5. Does this workflow work for Alfred 3 and OF 3? I can't get it working... Unfortunate, because this is exactly what I am looking for to make OF 3 work for me.
  6. Anyone still have this workflow? Can you upload it again? THANKS!
  7. Any idea where to find an alfred workflow to input tasks into OF3? Would be huge! Edit: It seems that it actually does still work! Wasn't working at first, but now it's working like a charm. Awesome
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