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  1. On my previous iMac websites I visited would be remembered and could be accessed using Alfred. With my new iMac, it looks like only locally stored apps are memorized and retrievable. I'm using Alfred 4.1 (1167) and Catalina 10.15.6. How can I proceed to get back the useful Alfred feature? Thank you. Mark
  2. Ques. 1 Is there a way to search for a folder and then display the contents of that folder? The tilde brings me to the Home folder, but the folder I'm looking for requires several entries. Ques. 2 Is there also a way to display the contents of the folder that has the file I've searched for and found? Spotlight can do that and I bet Alfred can, too. Just wondering. Its a great product and I'm looking to do more with it! Thank you.
  3. Hi Alex, Clicked on the link and got taken to your website. Each theme has code. How do I either convert the code to a functioning Alfred theme OR download and install the completed theme? It would be neat to convert the code, but I'm not sure how to do it. What are the steps? Thank you in advance. Mark (a newbie)
  4. Saved it per your suggestion. Needed webarchive extension. When I click I just see the code. How to get it as a working Alfred theme? Thank you!
  5. OK. I ran console and did a search for Alfred. Just got a message about initialization time. Can you be more specific about what I should look for? Thank you all!
  6. Vero, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'm using the latest version downloaded from Alfred. How do I access and share the console logs? (I don't have the PowerPak.) Mark
  7. I've started using Alfred and found it very helpful - I'm a keyboard kind of guy. Unfortunately, there are times when the Alfred hat goes away - the application quits. Is there some keyboard shortcut that stops running Alfred? I restart it with no problem, but have no idea why it quits. I'm running Yosemite 10.10.5 Help!
  8. Oh, I found the answer in the online documentation. Single User license allows 2 computers to use Powerpack. Great!
  9. Can I activate Powerpack on both home and work computers with a single purchase? I can see the advantages of Powerpack, but I don't want to make separate purchases and my workplace won't pay for activating Powerpack. Thank you.
  10. Can I set up a keyboard shortcut to bring up the user login screen? I am sharing an iMac with my daughter and want to be able to switch back to the login screen so she can log into her account. Can Alfred be set up to work on both our accounts? Would like to know before installing this product. Thank you.
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