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    Alfred is created and maintained by only Andrew and I; It's been an exciting time since Alfred 3 was released, but relentless with no days off. Our plan is to carry on improving documentation, create more tutorials and guides, etc but we're currently mainly dealing with the huge influx of users who are new to Alfred or upgrading from Alfred 2 and have questions.
    In the meantime, please do take a look at the documentation linked by Frozen_X
    Let me know if there's anything in particular you think is missing, as I'm always looking to make our documentation better and more helpful!
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    Reloading the Alfred app cache did the trick! Thanks.
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    Have you tried reloading the Alfred app cache? Check out the Advanced tab in Alfred's preferences to clear the cache. You could also try dragging the Applications folder in the Privacy section, waiting a moment, and then pulling it back out. That ill cause OSX to reindex the Applications folder.
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    You can exclude files/folders by adding alfred:ignore to the Spotlight Comments of the file/folder you want Alfred to ignore.
    You can also add files/folders to System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy to ignore it.
    You might need to clear Alfred's caches (type reload in Alfred) for it to pick up the updated metadata.
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    It certainly works with Cyrillic. Have you downloaded the correct version of the workflow?
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