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  1. When creating a new Web Search and asked for a keyword, it would be great to be able to enter multiple keywords, separated by commas perhaps (a bit like tags), so that for example when I want to go to the website for my storage space I could enter either 'storage' or 'extraspace' and it would take me to the same site rather than have to create two entries for the same website. Same for things like my bank where entering either the keyword 'bank' or the name of the institution both take me to the same login page. Particularly useful for those sites you only visit monthly or occasionally and how you name sit hasn't been committed to muscle memory.
  2. I am replacing my busted Mac, I have installed Alfred on my new machine and now I want to get my Preferences and all the Workflows over. But I don't want to set up syncing as I am not a fan of Dropbox. What do I need to backup from and to to get the old Preferences into and recognized on the new Mac?
  3. Hav noticed this on 2 different machines running Alfred. I hit Command-Space and start to type in the name of the application I want to run but the app name never turns up I just get the options to search on Google, Amazon and Wikipedia. It seems to have resolved itself on one machine but not on this one. I have tried issuing 'reload' in Alfred, but no change.
  4. When I want to launch a particular application - I start to type the name in to Alfred - it finds the app I want, but it also finds that app in several Virtual Machine images I have on my machine. How do I tell Alfred not to search for files/applications in particular directories? SEarch Scope seems to ask you which directories to include, but not exclude. Include folders in Home is checked but it is actually one of those subfolders two levels down from Home I want to exclude.
  5. in V1 I bring up Alfred Preferences by typing 'alfred' into the Alfred box. That doesn't work in v2 - is that something I have to set in Preferences?
  6. Excellent work sir, that worked perfectly for me. Thanks very much.
  7. I downloaded Alfred 2 and see it has a different aopplication file name so it does not upgrade the Alfred.app binary. So how do I start using ALfred 2 and import all my custom searches? I am a Powerpack user for both version. Andrew: Quick update - 2.0.1 has now been released which has an Import button in Alfred's General Preferences
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