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  1. @Andrew Thanks for the hard work, this update is working fine with me. Keep up the good work!
  2. @GuiBThank you very much this one worked like a charm. Actually, two of the files were not downloadable. When I managed to download one of them, it did not install with Alfred. I guess, what @deanishe has suggested would be great. Get yourself a good GitHub repository! Thanks for helping out, PS: Guillaume, I would've loved to 'buy you a coffee' however, I live in a country where PayPal is 'banned' so I'm not able to transfer a gift to you.
  3. @GuiB I was trying to go to your links, however, was not able to open the workflow example in my Alfred 3. I'm having the same issue. I'm looking to have an RTF signature saved as a snippet. Then, would need to paste it whenever I need. I'd love it if you're able to guide me through a step by step process to achieve it through your method. Thanks a million
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