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  1. @deanishe I couldn't do it. any step by step would be of great help for me. sorry
  2. I will try to record a screenvideo so in case doesn’t work you can tell me what I’m doing wrong then... thanks man.
  3. Thanks for your help man. I just need a little bit of direction... where I place that code? Sorry for the stupid question
  4. fair enough... let's pretend I go to https://daringfireball.net and instead of read all his posts I just bring Alfred and write a word I know it's inside of the post I'm looking for... when I hit enter that word is selected in the page I'm reading.
  5. Sometimes I don't want to read the whole blog again to find the paragraph about 'pitfalls' is there a way to use Alfred to search on a page just for a word? maybe is already done and I just don't know about it. let me know
  6. for some reason it stop working after the workflow update... damn!
  7. Well I have iStats Menu Pro installed and everytime I launch RightFont app you can see how fast the ram icon get full and everything freezes. I need to wait like 15 mins to be able to use my computer again. And that’s just one example. With the Ram reset it works flawlessly. I guess I need to max out the ram of my Mac then.
  8. I don't think you're right. I have a High Sierra OS running on my Mac Mini and I need to use constantly an app that "free" the ram of my computer because if I don't my Mac Mini is unusable. before that app I was restarting the Mac mini everytime I was in the slow zone. it was frustrating but that app has been something very helpful.
  9. this is another from my default collection: illuminate version 2 https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/YFMqRvyhWH/
  10. just sharing my fav https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/cBkWIQb2fg/
  11. Here is my 2 cents for the Mac OS Lion users Download here: https://cl.ly/333N1t2y0I0j
  12. too geeky for me. I wasn't able to installed it.
  13. You just need to install the workflow as always and yes, copy paste will do the trick! Update everything inside the workflow.
  14. Ok, after updating the youtube option inside Luxinate I ended up with this: No internet warning while watching a youtube video ON INTERNET! what? please help me. this is one of my fav workflows.
  15. hmmm… This is my fav workflow. today after installing the new version 7.0 a something its letting me hanging. the word "Loading' is showing for hours in my alfred search bar. any help will be appreciated it.
  16. O_o This has to be a work from an insider … I mean… Whoa! This works so fine that it's like a standalone app inside Alfred! GOOD WORK!
  17. nothing is happening with me. I downloaded the file double click to install and try it but I don't know what is going on it just shoots me to a blank webpage (I'm using Safari) any help.
  18. Well, it will be cool if you use Alfred to call Shortcat and if the task launch a pop up window you can use your keyboard to press any button.
  19. I am not a developer or programmer but if any genius here can make Shortcat and Alfred live together as a happy couple it will be a dream come true!
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