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  1. And we're fixed now @russcore ! Download the latest and install from here.
  2. @russcore we have a discussion going on a Github issue opened for it here. It looks like the sqlite database location just moved again, so hopefully it's a quick patch.
  3. Nice find @alfredclough, I'll see if that changes any behavior and tee it up to include.
  4. I'm reaching out to the Bear support channel to see what's causing this "no such table" error - it's tough to reproduce even on similar setups, and a reboot fixed it for someone out there experiencing it. If I can figure out what the deal is I'll try to code around it!
  5. @td. Thank you for the suggestions! I think they're great ideas that I'd like to implement, so I've created enhancement issues on Github to track them. A couple sound tricky but I do love a good challenge. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any other ideas!
  6. @td. I guess I could say it was "by design" but I think that's giving me too much credit. I didn't know which approach I'd like (or users would like) so I had it write the Alfred text entry to both title and text. You're the second or third person to ask me if that's a bug or not, though, so at this point I'm going to remove it for the next version
  7. @td. @GuiB Fixed! Again, thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. I hacked up a cache bust to fix the location it points to - it checks the location key, and if it detects the old version, attempts to find the new version instead. Hopefully this is backwards-compatible for people who haven't upgraded - I'll test it out when I get to work since I haven't upgraded Bear there yet.
  8. @td. @GuiB Thanks for the heads up, y'all! I hadn't updated Bear yet with its recent update so hadn't detected it yet. Sure enough, upgrading in the App Store broke it. Let me hack up a fix real quick and release it.
  9. Hey everyone! I've created a workflow that allows you to search and create notes for Bear. This is my first workflow, first OSS project, and first foray into Python - let me know what all I messed up Available on github and Packal. Many thanks to @deanishe and @dfay for some initial direction. Install To install, download a released alfred-bear workflow and double-click to open in Alfred 3. Easy-peasy. Searching and opening results bs -- Search for a note by title and open it in Bear. bst -- Search for a tag (a group of notes) by tag tit
  10. @dfay Thanks again! And to anyone interested, I've gotten some basic search functionality working by heavily borrowing from the Omnifocus workflow. Never worked with Python before so it's a bit slow going but nothing too tough.
  11. @dfay I'd appreciate that, thank you! That way I can refer back to this post if they ever release that capability. Update if anyone's interested: looks like they have a pretty straightforward sqlite3 schema, so this shouldn't be anything crazy to make a workflow for.
  12. Ooo, intriguing - I'd actually be way more comfortable with that approach given my development background. I'm going to give that a spin next.
  13. @deanishe I really appreciate the explanation - makes complete sense. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for the response! I'm definitely misunderstanding, it looks. I was getting thrown off because I can hit that x-callback-url create endpoint in the code snippet in my first post, and it works just fine - it does indeed create a note like I'd expect. I just have no way to get at the callback response from AppleScript. My original assumption is that I was looking for a normal ol' synchronous response, not a callback, because that's what I get for trying to use my brain in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. So this all makes sense now. @deanishe it looks like I can't ca
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