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  1. @Andrew I've just updated to the latest pre-release and I've noticed you've already added the clipboard colour preview without # You are a ⭐- This was the fastest reaction to a feature request EVER Thank you 🙇
  2. Thank you Andrew, it would be grand to see this option in future releases 😍 Thanks for your great work! Max
  3. Hi everyone, I couldn't find any post talking about this anywhere in the forum, please forgive me if this is not the case 🙇 I copy/paste lots of colours and I almost entirely rely on the Alfred's clipboard to store them. I LOVE the built-in hex colour preview. HOWEVER the clipboard fails to show a visual preview of the colour whenever the "#" is missing in the colour code (please see screenshots attached to show what i mean. I was wondering if there's a way to tweak this in the preferences? So that Alfred attempts to preview any bit of text containing 6 digits? I know there are many workflows to convert colour from one format to another - some of which are awesome btw - but I was hoping to tweak the clipboard settings rather than add an unnecessary step to my M.O. 😉 Thank you, Max
  4. I’m trying to create a simple workflow for my standard email canned responses. @Vero's already helped me out with the setting up of the workflow and I’m now trying to achieve two other results - but failing ? 1) pasting a specific image in the email text: I frequently send customer visual schemes which help them understand a concept. Up until now I’ve used the Alfred workflow to paste a specific text but I’m struggling to find a way to paste a specific image. Is it possible to store the location of an image in the workflow and paste the image in a text editor/mail client? 2) variable canned responses: I’ve created a workflow that lets me choose across different options and paste a specific text in an editor. I’d like to define a filter that - according to the option chosen - return a different text and paste it. I know it’s about being able to use regular expression (which I’m not). Any tip on this? If the answer is “go and learn regular expression” I’ll just shut up ? Thank you in advanced everyone!
  5. @Vero you're a star thank you so much. This is spot on! I'll build on top of the workflow you've sent across as it's a brilliant starting point for my naming convention automation project Be reassure I'll be back soon asking questions but until then HAVE A GOOD ONE Max
  6. @Vero this is GREAT. Thank you so much. It's exactly what i was hoping for Is there a way to have different queries in the same workflow? Let me explain: i use text expansion for renaming files using a complex naming convention. Here is an example: GH{project_code}-{project_part}of{total_project_parts}*F17{designer_name} In the example above, any text included in the {} is a variable. Each variable has around 3-5 option with LOT of characters so typing them manually cause typos more often than not... Your workflow works brilliantly - It would be amazing if it could generate multiple {query} in the final result. Is this achievable?
  7. Hi @Vero It's an honour to get an answer from THE developer herself Thanks for the prompt response (impressive considering it's only 2 of you ) - I'll be waiting for the blog post to discover more about this! SUPER! Take care! Bye from London!
  8. Hi alfredders I love Alfred and struggle to find anything wrong with it. It has managed to substitute lots of tiny utility apps (weather, calculator, clipboard manager... Just to name the first that come to mind). For my line of work I type frequently the same text over and over and over. I've been using Typinator in the past and love its Input Field options (see attached screenshots). I was wondering if there was something similar in development for future version of Alfred or - EVEN BETTER - if a workflow already exists to achieve a similar result. In short I'd like to have the ability to expand a snippet with multiple choice to pick from (either single option or multiple choice, doesn't matter really). Or should i simply accept the idea that this is not achievable for the time being/future? I'm not a developer: I'm in the other side of the spectrum (read Designer) so not sure what I'm talking about here Thanks in advance everyone and forgive me if this was not the right section to post this!
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