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  1. Cool. I didn't know we had a copy text parameter. Any place where I can find all this documented? Yes. I had been including the binary in the releases in my previous 2 workflows. Just got a bit lazy this time. I have added it now.
  2. Thanks. Didn't know about that. I have updated the workflow to incorporate this change.
  3. This workflow allows you to do inline Google searches right from the Alfred bar. You can either open the result URL or copy it to clipboard. Please go to GitHub for documentation. GitHub: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-google-search Download: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-google-search/raw/master/Google Search.alfredworkflow Screenshots
  4. Same here. It would be great if we can have this working in Alfred 3. PS - I think I will go ahead and make one web scraping based google inline search workflow. That way at least it will keep working for some time to come.
  5. Does this mean that "Desktop" is named something else in non-English Macs?
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