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  1. Hi, I notice this creates 2 files .authy.json and .authycache.json. They contain my password, secret keys of 2fa of my sites, etc. Isn't this unsafe? Edit - Btw, nice work. Set it up on my machine. Now I don't have to open Authy 3-5 times a day. Thanks!
  2. Cool. I didn't know we had a copy text parameter. Any place where I can find all this documented? Yes. I had been including the binary in the releases in my previous 2 workflows. Just got a bit lazy this time. I have added it now.
  3. Thanks. Didn't know about that. I have updated the workflow to incorporate this change.
  4. This workflow allows you to do inline Google searches right from the Alfred bar. You can either open the result URL or copy it to clipboard. Please go to GitHub for documentation. GitHub: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-google-search Download: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-google-search/raw/master/Google Search.alfredworkflow Screenshots
  5. Try out the latest release. It has a slight but noticeable speed improvement.
  6. Same here. It would be great if we can have this working in Alfred 3. PS - I think I will go ahead and make one web scraping based google inline search workflow. That way at least it will keep working for some time to come.
  7. That is a good idea. Will try it out in the next version. ?
  8. I think it is slow because of the multiple computations that are being sent to it while you type. I will try to do something to improve this. I remember it didn't work out earlier for some reason (hence a lot of comments in the run.sh script). I will try it again now. EDIT - It didn't work with #!/bin/bash. Works with zsh. If you can point me towards an example workflow, that would be awesome. ?
  9. Please see https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-clc/issues/1. There is a possible fix there. I think applying it should fix your problem. I will update the workflow soon.
  10. Does this mean that "Desktop" is named something else in non-English Macs?
  11. The only way insect is installed is by first installing NodeJS and then installing insect globally using npm (same thing happens under the hood using homebrew). I don't think it would be a good idea to bundle it with the workflow.
  12. Alfred - CLC This workflow adds a powerful calculator right in your Alfred bar. Installing Install insect brew install insect # or npm install -g insect Then download CLC workflow file and double click to open it with Alfred. Using clc [expression] Example expressions sqrt(1.4^2 + 1.5^2) * cos(pi/3)^2 2 min + 30 s 40 kg * 9.8 m/s^2 * 150 cm 60 mph -> m/s 6 Mbit/s * 1.5 h -> GB # sum of the first ten squares sum(k^2, k, 1, 10) NOTE: Since this workflow uses insect for the calculations, please see its README for more possible types of expressions. Screenshots GitHub: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-clc Download: https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-clc/raw/master/clc.alfredworkflow Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/clc
  13. v2.0.0 released * Fixed bug with custom screenshot folders. It now takes screenshot directory from com.apple.screencapture before defaulting back to ~/Desktop. https://github.com/aviaryan/alfred-last2imgur/pull/3 Download links in OP.
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