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  1. I think this workflow is not working anymore after the latest flux update. Would anyone be able to fix this? Would be very much appreciated.
  2. I think this is not working any more with 10.9. Anyone having the same issue?
  3. Hi, I love this workflow -- I have one little issue - hope nobody brought it up before (search function is not very good in the forum and this discussion is rather long by now) My problem: If I use "r this" to create a reminder of the current app it works well with things like "r this tomorrow" or "r this today" but I never get it to work with something like "r this on 01-10-2013" -- it either simply ignores the date or buts it as text in the reminder. Any ideas?
  4. David, thank you, your workflow works in a similar fashion, Carlos has some more option. Thanks both of you, this is fantastic.
  5. Carlos-Sz, This is what I was looking for. And It makes sense to have it as a file action. It is kind of weird that it makes you return to the regular alfred window once you choose the file action but I guess there is no other way of doing this. Thanks!
  6. Hi David, the above workflow is not working for me at all (which could be because I don't quite get how to use it). Essentially, what I am looking for is this: I want to select several files in Alfred and be able to navigate to a particular folder (all working well) -- what I am missing is a way to easily create a new folder to put the files in. It seems counterintuitive to me that I can do all these things in Alfred but when it comes to creating a folder I have to return to the finder. Essentially, what I am looking for is a "make directory" command in Alfred file navigation which creates a n
  7. Hi, is there any simple and straightforward way to create a new folder with Alfred from within Alfred's file manager?
  8. Thanks! would there also be a way to get the "deactivate for an hour" open turned on from alfred?
  9. Would anyone know how to write a workflow that controls f.lux (http://stereopsis.com/flux/) --- just a on and off (without quitting the app) would be awesome....
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