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  1. Hi, I love this workflow -- I have one little issue - hope nobody brought it up before (search function is not very good in the forum and this discussion is rather long by now)


    My problem: If I use "r this" to create a reminder of the current app it works well with things like "r this tomorrow" or "r this today" but I never get it to work with something like "r this on 01-10-2013" -- it either simply ignores the date or buts it as text in the reminder. Any ideas?

  2. You can accomplish this by just pressing ^⇧⌘4 (the standard one plus ctrl-key). You can even use ⇧⌘4 and draw the rectangle using the Ctrl-key to copy the result to clipboard. Just saying.


    This workflow is awesome btw. I was about to create something similar, but a short Google search proved other people already have been that smart ;)

    Ha! Thanks! Didn't know! 

  3. Carlos-Sz,


    This is what I was looking for. And It makes sense to have it as a file action. It is kind of weird that it makes you return to the regular alfred window once you choose the file action but I guess there is no other way of doing this. Thanks!

  4. Let me know if the workflow suggested by Vero doesn't fulfill your needs. If not, I'll see if I can put something together to help you out.

    Hi David, the above workflow is not working for me at all (which could be because I don't quite get how to use it). Essentially, what I am looking for is this: I want to select several files in Alfred and be able to navigate to a particular folder (all working well) -- what I am missing is a way to easily create a new folder to put the files in. It seems counterintuitive to me that I can do all these things in Alfred but when it comes to creating a folder I have to return to the finder. Essentially, what I am looking for is a "make directory" command in Alfred file navigation which creates a new folder in the current folder. Thanks for looking into this!

  5. Is it possible to modify the tunnelblick workflow so that it shows whether connections are established; that is, instead of "Connect/Disconnect to..." it would say "Disconnect from..." if connected or "Connect to..." if not connected? That would make it much more useful. At the moment, I still have to go to the Tunnelblick app so see what vpn I am connected with...

  6. The new version works perfectly. I basically use it to replace alfred's standard wikipedia search. Instead of using it as multi-language, I have installed it several times, each with a fixed language so that keywords wiki (for english), wikifr, wikiar each give me the corresponding wikipedia search option (this could, of course, also all be put in one workflow..... Thanks very much

  7. Hi, reduced the complexity of Benzi's workflow. All my workflow does, is take an interactive screenshot and place it directly into the clipboard when you press command+option+shift+4 ---- it is all I ever need when taking screenshots and it is faster than going through the alfred menus --- just in case anyone is interested. ---- Benzi's piece is of course way cooler....



  8. no, what I meant is: the color palette is not coming up when you click on any of the standard themes because you cannot modify those. Only newly added themes can be modified so this is the only way to bring up the color palette to adjust transparency.


    It works now...



  9. Works fine for me. 

    To those having trouble, make sure to have set the opacity <100% if you haven't done so. 

    What do you mean? Isn't opacity runnig from 1 to 5 and set by the -float command?


    Is it possible that this is not working for people who sync their preferences with dropbox (or a similar service)? Like YtseJam I can't get it to work...

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