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  1. @timkro Yes, there sure is. You can do so by setting an environment variable in Alfred for this workflow: https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji#set-skin-tone
  2. @bivalvegruff See https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/issues/35. We're waiting on some upstream dependencies before we can do this.
  3. Very unlikely. I think that would violate the POLA. The default behavior of Alfred is to add items to the clipboard upon hitting [return]. I suggest using a keyword snippet instead. If the workflow is instantiated from a keyword snippet, it automatically pastes. Yes, that already exists. Assuming that you have at least v1.6.0 installed, just set the `snippetapp` environment variable (to any value) in the workflow configuration to change the behavior to always paste the emoji character regardless of how the workflow is instantiated.
  4. Could someone please confirm that what I perceived as a bug is actually considered a bug? /cc @Vero @Andrew
  5. v1.6.0 now has custom snippet support. Thanks to @deanishe for the suggestion. https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/releases/tag/v1.6.0
  6. When upgrading a workflow, if "Migrate my settings" is checked, settings such as custom keyword inputs and custom hotkeys are kept; however, if a keyword is customized and the associated "with space" setting is also customized, the "with space" setting is not migrated during the upgrade. I expected that the "with space" setting would migrate just like the keyword migrates. As an example, when I upgrade Alfred Emoji, I change my keyword from "emoji" to to a single character (:), but I also uncheck the "with space" setting, because I want to emulate emoji completion in tool
  7. Great suggestion! Try the newly released v1.5.0. https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/releases/tag/v1.5.0
  8. Good point regarding using the mac tools for manipulating the XML. But, it's probably best to use /usr/bin/plutil, because that's actually in a directory originally intended for interactive command line execution. ?. Yes, German-style dumplings are very different from dumplings (and variants like pierogies) ? around the rest of the world. I say no. You cannot guarantee that someone already has node.js installed on their machine. Not to mention, every version of node varies in functionality quite a bit. You could always code to the least common denom
  9. https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/blob/master/src/info.plist.xml It's just that PList XML files should really only be computer manipulated (PList XML is actually quite a terrible file format)...and that's what build scripts are for. It's generally considered best practice that you don't commit files that could otherwise be rebuilt by the build. I believe the newer emojis like "dumpling" (?) are only available on High Sierra. I think they're upgraded as part of macOS and iOS updates.
  10. Automatic Updates are now part of v1.4.0. Enjoy! https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/releases (this will be best realized when new emoji are released)
  11. No, that defeats the purpose of good, clean version control (i.e. never put compiled assets in your repository). I actually just took the OneUpdater script and heavily modified and simplified it. I now have a working script that is smaller than OneUpdater, but follows the same, good GitHub release conventions as Alfred-Workflow. Here's the PR, if you're interested: https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/pull/14
  12. Whoops. I spoke too soon. Even with OneUpdater's github-release feature, it requires that new version numbers come from a static plist file, but ours is variable substituted during each build: https://github.com/jsumners/alfred-emoji/blob/master/src/info.plist.xml#L155-L156 Maybe, I'll consider a pull-request to OneUpdater to remedy this such that if you specify github release downloads, the script only looks at the github API for new tagged versions (ignoring the need for a static plist file sitting somewhere).
  13. Require signed/verified releases. Similar to what the App Store does, but Alfred could just delegate to GitHub as a verification authority. The devil is in the details here, but any releases that aren't signed might just present a warning. OneUpdater meets that short-n-simple criteria, but AlfredWorkflow does not (the update functionality is nested inside a lot of other functionality, and auditing it isn't worth most people's time; even though, I really like the AlfredWorkflow update conventions). Furthermore, for workflows that are not already python-based, AlfredWorkfl
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