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  1. Hahaha. Hey, I know this "volunteer" for you, so whenever you get around to it, it'd be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks, Martien. I was able to add the token without error messages this time. However, when I type "todo get milk" in Alfred, I now get an "invalid argument" error message. I have also tried "todo get milk tomorrow #personal" and the same happens. I can't find anything in the documentation that I'm doing incorrect. Any thoughts?
  3. At first glance, I'm not seeing any deviation from your assumptions. Below is the API that I was using (I just reset it so it no longer works). 2d54fb0338570e0f39f66a39455356b001c4ec4d
  4. I am using workflow version 3.1.5. When I do t:token _______, I get an error message that it's an invalid token. I've even reset my API token on Todoist. Any ideas?
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