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  1. @Acidham right now only the thumbnail PNG is fetched.. so if you hit command to reveal the SVG in the finder you will also have the PNG *thumbnail* right next to it. Which size do you need? I think the thumbnail would bei 250px wide.. other sizes openclipart provide would be 800px and 2400px
  2. Sure, i am using a library called file-queue (which tbh i only audited very roughly) where i'm reading the downloadable items from the queue using `tpop` (transactional pop) .. file-queue uses a maildir structure with a 'tmp', 'cur', 'new' path, to get new data from the queue the 'cur' path is used, during a pop "transaction" the file is moved into the 'cur' directory, once it is committed it is deleted, when an error happens it will be reverted into the 'new' directory. From my code: https://github.com/hpoul/alfred-openclipart/blob/master/lib/QueueWorker.js#L20-L31 (tpop makes it imediately invisible for all other download processes), ie "locked" From file-queue documentation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue#transactional-popping From file-queue implementation: https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/lib/maildir.js#L115-L139 "this.fs.rename(newPath, curPath," (file-queue tpop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L57) uses tryPop (https://github.com/threez/file-queue/blob/master/queue.js#L76) which calls maildir#process Hope that makes sense..
  3. I have ensured that every thumbnail is only downloaded once, even when queued multiple times.. if everything works as intended, even if multiple downloaders are forked at the same time, while an image is downloaded the queue item is "locked", and the other downloaders should work on another thumbnail. so it is not *that* bad.. but it's still bad.. (for each invocation of the script one background process is forked.. each processing the queue from the beginning and only quitting once the queue is empty.. but it it is ensured, that each thumbnail is only downloaded once...) but yes, it would make sense to 1. not have too many download processes in parallel, and 2. cancel old queue entries, when a new search term comes in, or at least prioritise the new ones..) maybe it would also make sense to only display 20 items and have a 21th 'Load More' item? shouldn't be too hard either i guess..
  4. Yeah, chaging that shouldn't be a problem, as @deanishe said, just adding the number of items fetched from the server should do the trick.. I'll probably update it to 30 or something. If you like to change it right away just look into index.js: fetchCliparts(query) { const url = `https://openclipart.org/search/json/?${querystring.stringify({ query: query })}&amount=30`; adding this `&amount=30` should do the trick. BUT: I wouldn't go too far, because right now *all* thumbnail previews are loaded for all items which are returned by this query. This can take some time, especially with search as you type.. because the thumbnail download is currently a very dumb FIFO queue.. ie. if you search for 'arrow' in the worst case, if you have amount=200 it will try to download 200 thumbnails for each character..
  5. Alfred OpenClipart.org Search A simple workflow which allows you to search for clipart vector files from https://openclipart.org/ - While searching it provides a thumbnails for all results as well as a quicklook with a larger variant. Default action simply opens the openclipart.org page, command would open SVG in finder, while alt copies it into the clipboard so the result can directly be pasted into an image application. Installation & Requirements * Requires node.js >= 7.6 to be installed in the system * Download from https://github.com/hpoul/alfred-openclipart/releases Source code & more infos on github: https://github.com/hpoul/alfred-openclipart
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