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  1. Roger that! Thanks for the direction. I'll do that...
  2. Thanks @vitor. As you mentioned this is applicable to *all* workflows with Todoist. So I'm not exactly sure where to post it. I'm sure you don't mean for me to post on all Todoist workflows? Of course, maybe it's just my Todoist account (although, of course, Todoist said it wasn't), which is why I'm asking if anyone else is experiencing this issue or maybe it's just me.
  3. Hi everyone, Not sure what happened, but no workflows work with Todoist anymore. You'd think this would be a problem with Todoist but other API interactions seem ok. Is this the case for anyone else?
  4. Am having the same. Here is an expired token: 4a488b0d169da95c70ef7d35e2be3b2982429fd5
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