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  1. OMG @Andrew I came here to post this!! Thank you!! 🙌🙌🙌 Happy three-year anniversary to this thread, indeed!
  2. Hello Nested Snippet Thread, my old friend! Back to using Alfred snippets in a big way… despite the existence of Snippet Triggers as a workaround, would love to see nesting of built-in Alfred snippets inside of built-in Alfred snippets. (Even only one level deep, if it makes implementation less messy!) 💖 to the team!
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the following – as a heavy snippet user (and searcher) this is almost exactly how I wanted the feature to work (I just didn't know it): Keep up the great work!
  4. @andrew Thanks for the authoritative reply! As you might imagine, it could be either scenario in my case – that's an internal beta version and I've multiple 1Password apps installed. The information on CFBundleShortVersionString vs. CFBundleVersion is news to me, and I'll pass this along to the dev team (interestingly, to my eye most nobody seems to use CFBundleVersion as per Apple's guidelines – not current not previous 1Password apps, nor Alfred, nor Numbers…). Please do let me know if you find out anything further, and whether there's anything we can do on our end to make things easier for you (lotta Alfred fans here!). Thanks, Tully. UPDATE: trashing my installed copy of 1Password 6 (CFBundleShortVersionString: 6.8.9; CFBundleVersion: 689000) and restarting Alfred set things to rights such that 1Password 7 (CFBundleShortVersionString: 7.2.3.BETA-0; CFBundleVersion: 1811150041) launches and fills webpages via Alfred integration as expected.
  5. Hiya! In addition to being a hard(ish)core Alfred convert, I'm actually a member on the 1Password support team myself (?)… I wound up here in the process of helping a customer with an Alfred issue before bumping into one of my own. Using 1Password 7.2.2.BETA-3 I'm seeing Alfred v3.7 [938] pass URLs through to Safari 12.0.2 (14606.3.4) that look like the following, and don't fill as I'd expect: https://www.appannie.com/account/login/?onepasswdfill=4srqvolo6rfp3uid2v6i64umcm&onepasswdvault=zy4o7o3jmgyw6rc7lfxzc5qixu These are the (older) 'simple URL with some extra characters'-style links you mention, right @Vero? In which case it makes sense why they're not working for me, but I'm not sure why they're still being generated if you've switched to the new 1PW-specific URLs and that's what I'd love to work out! Are you (Alfred) detecting presence/absence of older installed 1Password apps, beyond the 1Password Data setting upthread?
  6. Thanks a ton @Andrew, panicked immediately after jumping on board this latest public beta but now I can rest easy with Alfred back in action! Keep up the stellar work! ❤️
  7. Just came back to give this a loving bump (as I go to update hard-coded URLs in older snippets after a domain change) – would love nested snippets (within snippets interface itself) to get a look-in whenever possible! Keep up the great work regardless. ❤️ (realising after posting that this likely isn't the right category to be considered a feature request… ?)
  8. 1. In my never-ending quest to shoehorn ever more snippet functionality into Alfred, I'd love (at least the option of) a Date Modified column in the Snippets list in Preferences – I live and die by Alfred snippets in my (email-based customer support) day job (lots of boilerplate text and instructions/fixes for common issues), and being able to more easily surface old (and potentially stale) snippets would be a big boon. I can fudge this by exporting/renaming to .zip/unzipping/checking modification dates, but having this right within the app would be better still! 2. While I'm dreaming, I'd also love per-snippet usage statistics (perhaps across a given time period – you've used this X times this week/month/since creating it) – both for the coolness factor (quantified self foreverrrrrrr!) but more usefully for the purposes of seeing what snippets I most frequently use (and should concentrate on making sure are most polished). 3. A tiny one – the snippet browser shows Keyword '' (empty quotation marks) for a given snippet when no typed keyword is set, which offends my delicate aesthetic sensibilities – would love to just have this not displayed in such cases. (Turned into a three-in-one-request, but at least all thematically linked – sorry!)
  9. Just when you think you're a Snippets guru… thanks from this snippet-happy dude for this incredible tip.
  10. Oh wow, thank you @vitor, as a big Clipboard History user (in both senses) I didn't know what I was missing!
  11. Hey @deanishe – thanks for the heads up! I can see the argument for having search be the way it is – this just threw me, that's all. Thanks for the info and workaround! I still like the idea that some leading punctuation might be ignored in this case, even if it was some subset (only usually paired characters – inverted commas, braces, parentheses?).
  12. Currently a search for github in snippet viewer/clipboard history won't find my snippet named Issue (GitHub) as I'd expect… was tempted to file this as a bug, but I think it's just Alfred's search being naïve/speedy and using whitespace as word boundaries? Kinda also relates to the search improvement suggestions over here:
  13. Just chiming in here to say I came looking for info on whether Alfred could do exactly this sort of snippet nesting, and I'm excited to here it's coming down the line – eagerly refreshing the beta Update tab now! (Congrats on getting 3.5 out the door, too!)
  14. Thanks for the suggestion @nikivi! I'm actually looking to go the other way (moving much of my basic TextExpander content into Alfred, as having snippets integrated into searchable (!) clipboard history is the killer feature for me), so just hoping for an even more comprehensive feature set for managing snippets in Alfred.
  15. Cribbing from my comment here, I'd love for search in Snippets preferences allow for even greater search sophistication, not just the present 'search whole string as entered' behaviour. At present, if I have a snippet with the contents Thanks for writing!, I can find it in Snippets preferences by searching Thanks for but not Thanks writing. I've got a lot of long letter-y bits in my Alfred snippets, and this behaviour (implicit-Boolean-AND-between-terms, rather than the current string-in-inverted-commas verbatim approach) would help me more easily find the particular snippet I'm looking for (often to edit or consult). ❤️
  16. Just to add my 2¢ here, I'm happy with the Clipboard/Snippets viewer to search on name and keyword only, but I'd love for search in Snippets preferences (which does now search snippet contents also, hooray!) to allow for even greater search sophistication, not just the present 'search whole string as entered' behaviour. At present, if I have a snippet with the contents Thanks for writing!, I can find it in Snippets preferences by searching Thanks for but not Thanks writing. I've got a lot of long letter-y bits in my Alfred snippets, and this behaviour (implicit Boolean AND between terms entered) would help me more easily find the particular snippet I'm looking for (often to edit or consult). ❤️
  17. In my testing, I can indeed remove 1Password from the Ignored Apps list, check the Ignore clipboard data marked as Concealed box and get the behaviour I expect (no 1Password data in clipboard history, but copying from my custom 1Password Foo app shows up as expected). ?
  18. @Vero So I finally figured this out… I have 1Password in my clipboard history ignore list and the apps in question had been given the names 1Password Foo and 1Password Bar, and were therefore being ignored. Renaming these apps allows them to appear as normal in clipboard history. I believe the Ignore Apps list is matching not only the apps listed, but any app whose name starts with the name of an app in the list. This isn't how I'd expect things to work, so feature request I guess for stricter matching? EDIT: Or perhaps it's more complicated than that? Of the four default apps in the Ignore Apps list, I only see this behaviour for 1Password – can copy to clipboard history happily from Wallet Foo and Keychain Access Foo…
  19. Thanks for the tips and warm welcome @Vero – just updated to pre-release but still no joy, checkbox ticked or no. Fluid makes standalone apps of specific web pages or domains, so I assume it's wrapping a web view somehow. It's also… not the most modern app. Happy to leave it at ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for now, but if I can provide more diagnostic info to help pinpoint the cause let me know! Thanks for the app, I'm enjoying finding my way around!
  20. I'm just now toying with Alfred + Powerpack after living in LaunchBar for many years… taking a bit of getting used to, but am loving Clipboard History with Snippet search integrated! However, I have a couple of Fluid SSBs that are pinned to my Menu Bar, in which copied text doesn't show up in my history. I wondered whether this is because they're 'headless' (no icon in Dock) but I can copy out of TextExpander (with Dock/app icon hidden) and see it in Alfred clipboard history… any enlightenment appreciated!
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