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  1. I have been using Alfred for 7+ years and cannot imagine getting around my Mac without it. I've not spent much time on this forum and am visiting it again after a long time. I was just thinking about how things feel a little slower than they used to and how great and useful it would be to have a Discourse forum when I came across this thread. A huge +1 from me on this front! If the move to Discourse does end up happening then I hope it will make the workflow search, discovery and support process significantly better.
  2. Hi @Carlos-Sz. I absolutely love your workflow and, having just upgraded to Mojave, find that it no longer works 😕 Was wondering if the workflow is supported on Mojave and, if so, if there is anything I need to do to get it to work again. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, the workflow suddenly started working again after running preload! I had run it earlier but somehow it came through now. Super glad 🙂
  3. Thanks @vitor. I think I'm going to play around a bit with youtube-dl. Could you please tell me how to completely uninstall the version of youtube-dl that comes with DownVid?
  4. I am experiencing the same issue as @Karl Klammer, in that DownVid wants to download the 720p version even though a 1080p one is available. What is curious is that this only seems to be be happening on one of my Macs. Any idea why this is so? And now a really silly question. Does this Workflow require youtube-dl to be installed independently? One the first Mac I didn't need to install it but on the one which picks 720p versions nothing happened till I installed youtube-dl.
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