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  1. I have been using Alfred for 7+ years and cannot imagine getting around my Mac without it. I've not spent much time on this forum and am visiting it again after a long time. I was just thinking about how things feel a little slower than they used to and how great and useful it would be to have a Discourse forum when I came across this thread. A huge +1 from me on this front! If the move to Discourse does end up happening then I hope it will make the workflow search, discovery and support process significantly better.
  2. Hi @Carlos-Sz. I absolutely love your workflow and, having just upgraded to Mojave, find that it no longer works 😕 Was wondering if the workflow is supported on Mojave and, if so, if there is anything I need to do to get it to work again. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, the workflow suddenly started working again after running preload! I had run it earlier but somehow it came through now. Super glad 🙂
  3. I did try and go through it but got stuck at the Alfred Framework.framework file. I didn't know that I could dig further into it as there was no option to control click and go through the contents. Pasting the path that @Vero suggested worked. Thank you both for your help :-)
  4. Excellent! Thank you so very much, @Vero! I would never have found this on my own.
  5. Thanks for chiming in, @deanishe! Where can I find the Resources directory? The Resources folder inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle does contain some icons but those are only for the web searches that I have created. It does not contain the icons for the in-built web searches, which are the ones I am looking for.
  6. I have made a few custom web searches and would like to use Alfred's default web search icons for Google, Wikipedia etc. I've gone through all the possible places where these image files may exist (Application Support, inside the Alfred.alfredpreferences bundle) but cannot find them. They ought to be somewhere! Could someone please help point to them?
  7. The implementation is beautiful but it runs very slowly for me. Any ideas why? I'm on a pretty powerful MacBook Pro so would expect it to run faster.
  8. Thanks @vitor. I think I'm going to play around a bit with youtube-dl. Could you please tell me how to completely uninstall the version of youtube-dl that comes with DownVid?
  9. I am experiencing the same issue as @Karl Klammer, in that DownVid wants to download the 720p version even though a 1080p one is available. What is curious is that this only seems to be be happening on one of my Macs. Any idea why this is so? And now a really silly question. Does this Workflow require youtube-dl to be installed independently? One the first Mac I didn't need to install it but on the one which picks 720p versions nothing happened till I installed youtube-dl.
  10. Ah, makes sense. Can this workflow be changed to have a Keyword instead of a Script Filter? I have no scripting experience whatsoever so am a little lost when it comes into the equation.
  11. Apologies for that! I've reupped the file here. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnZDQZ2r68N5gXAqc7YgFgO7uFId Alternatively, changing the keyword from "dn" to "dnd" should replicate the issue I am talking about.
  12. I have a workflow that toggles Do Not Disturb. I would like the keyword to be "dnd" and work such that Alfred recognises as I start typing it and, as long as it is the first option in the Alfred window, clicking on Enter will trigger it. This is the standard behavior for workflows and actions. However, the way it works at the moment is that when I start typing and reach dn, it does recognise the work flow but when I click on Enter it completes "dn" to "dnd" instead of launching right away. Here's the a link to the workflow: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnZDQZ2r68N5gW4LLyo7DW9K-Wtk
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