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  1. Any way to do this but via a keyword instead of a hotkey? I'm trying to tweak your excellent Case Converter workflow so that I can select some text, then call up Alfred and type "case" and have it drop down a list of my options, or maybe just type "sentence case" (eventually just "se" would do it) to go right to that option. There are only so many hotkeys I can remember…
  2. leefur

    The Minimalist

    @David Done! I just updated the crap out of this theme. See the original post for deets!
  3. leefur

    The Minimalist

    Now available in Helvetica Neue Light to match the new Alfred and Yosemite. See original post – http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/850-the-minimalist-almost-white/ – added at the end.
  4. leefur

    The Minimalist

    Lovely! That makes me happy. Enjoy! I wonder if the blur hack is working again.
  5. Rats, so this workflow is dead, huh?
  6. leefur

    The Minimalist

    Thanks, Matt! Are you using the original white version? Or black, or one of the flat UI colors? I've actually been using the flat UI colors. They're more fun. But then I go back to the white and it feels refreshing.
  7. One other thought – the browse page isn't super useful unless you can sort by a couple things (most "popular" – by downloads or views or something, "trending", date). And it'd be rad if it sorta had a bit of all of these, showing a list in the main column and a sidebar with the ten Most Popular, Top Trending, Most Recent. But that's for version later dot something. Scope creeper.
  8. Excellent! A couple quick thoughts: • Could you maybe scrape the top 10 or 20 most viewed themes and workflows to get things started? • The detail page for a theme could use some work; how about just showing the screenshots on the page, rather than in thumbnails? And the page could use some layout help in general (I'm an interface designer, so I'm picky on this stuff); if I have time this week upcoming I'll work up a quick comp if that would be helpful. • Themes not being updatable is a bummer; I think I'd rather them be file downloads if that somehow makes them updatable (I'm surmising based on: "There are no files to download, and, also, because of that, themes cannot be auto-updated.") Excellent beta product, for serious!
  9. Argh, went through my quota again. Updating 16 files (a theme file and screenshot for each of the 8 color variations) is apparently quite trying.
  10. I've used up my daily quota on CloudApp so I'll have to post the update tomorrow. I moved all fonts over to Lucida Grande, as the small text just isn't readable enough rendered in Helvy.
  11. Ack, you're right! That subhead is supposed to be in the same font. I'll fix these up tomorrow. Thanks, and good eye.
  12. UPDATE: Now available in a suite of modern, flat colors, The Minimalist: Flat UI Colors
  13. leefur

    The Minimalist

    UPDATE: Now available in a suite of modern, flat colors, The Minimalist: Flat UI Colors
  14. As a followup in "The Minimalist" series to Almost White (far and away the most popular theme in the forums now!) and Almost Black I wanted to do something more colorful, but still very clean, minimalist, and modern. So here is a suite of themes based on the lovely work over at flatuicolors.com. Download Flat UI Blue › Download Flat UI Gray › Download Flat UI Green › Download Flat UI Orange › Download Flat UI Purple › Download Flat UI Red › Download Flat UI Turquoise › Download Flat UI White ›
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