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  1. Hi, I tried to make a workflow to see one of my customer information for delivery as follow, and micky is name to see the data. https://www.ccc.com/delivery/management#?cccSrl=&platformType=&from=2019-05-18&to=2019-06-16&deliveryStatus=&detailConditionKey=NAME&detailConditionValue=micky&vendoritempackgeName=undefined&page=1&maxPage=1&cnt=8 I changed ConditionValue=micky to ConditionValue={query} It doesn't show micky's data. instead, shows all data in delivery list. Can anyone help this? I would like to know what to see or study to understand or manage better for ulr address in workflow setting. Regards
  2. Hi, https://www.ipo.com/mypage/order-list?pagesize=&status_sub=&service=&service_id=&rsdate=2019-03-18&redate=2019-06-16&all_yn=n&sfield=receiver_name&svalue=xxx&pname=000 there are start and end date to be searched for xxx in one of my workflow. Anybody can help to put today's date automatically for edate=2019-06-16? date format should be 2019-06-16 like that. Many thanks for help in advance.
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    Another example is http://www.kyobobook.co.kr/index.laf It seems my htlm knowledge is legay. I had experience in early 2000 so it seems many thinks are evolved.
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    Hi, Many thanks and it works perfectly. I wonder how to make it link. I have a little knowledge of coding and want to learn how to do it since I have forth coming links ahead. Please kindly comment if my question is not specific or too broad in answering.
  5. I wonder how I can query for site which has .asp only on web address. One of my favorite site has changed web design recently and has no query information in it. The site address is http://www.goyanglib.or.kr/center/data/search.asp I wonder how I can make customer search for .asp site. Do I need to know any specific language or technics to find ways of query address to use in Alfred? Please let me know what to learn to know the ways. Million thanks in advance for your comment. Regards,
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