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  1. My pleasure! With how helpful you and the staff are here, whether via email, on the forums, or on Twitter, I think you deserve to be recognized for what you are: an amazing company! Just updated my post with the Workflows article I did. If there's anything I missed, or you have any thoughts for features or things that are commonly overlooked/misused/or some cool tips and tricks, let me know! Always looking to learn more about Alfred.
  2. Hey Guys, This is kinda a shameless plug but I wanted to share it because I think it may be helpful to some people. If you don't want to read this because it's a shameless plug, I understand. If you are considering purchasing the Powerpack, and are unsure of what it really does, or if you own it and are looking to learn more about the features it provides, I wrote a tutorial for MacTuts+ which was posted today. The second part of the article will be posted tomorrow, and I encourage you to take a look at them if you want to learn more. Today's is the basics, while tomorrow focuses on Workflows — understanding them, using them, and creating them. Up and Running With the Alfred Powerpack — The Basics: http://bit.ly/190gcr1 Up and Running With the Alfred Powerpack — Workflows: http://bit.ly/11wN321 Thanks for reading and I hope you find it helpful! -Kevin Kirsche
  3. I have a workflow, I just see no point in launching a workflow after alfred starts up when a trigger of even just "when alfred starts" do X would simplify it. It's not a question of difficulty, simply one of convenience. I agree that monitoring is not correct and I believe that was misunderstood, I don't mean monitor if you double click and application. That would be way to intense for something like Alfred, but simply if application X is launched via alfred, do Y. Symbolic links such as that shouldn't be that difficult realistically with Obj-C, though I can't speak for how it was designed.
  4. Hey, I was just wondering if it may be possible to get an "On Open" trigger. While I have in mind when alfred opens...do this, it could potentially be extended to when application X is opened, do Y. Just a thought but it might be confusing. I just figure there has to be a better way to run a workflow automatically when alfred begins (such as open all applications you would use in a normal work day) I understand if this isn't something you want to add but at least for me I thought it would be helpful.
  5. If that is possible, that would be fantastic, nonetheless though you have one of my top workflows here
  6. Ah, I didn't realize that and I didn't know I had a fn button honestly on my desktop. Sorry. How can I change the modifier key though (from fn to...let's say ctrl or alt) EDIT: It let's you use the server name, server url, account username, etc. to open them, not just the favorite name
  7. This is great, wish you integrated this with Transmit Favorites by bigluck. I think this would be a great extension to that workflow (http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/171-transmit-favorites-workflow/?hl=transmit) Thanks though! EDIT: How do you type the ❊ symbol? I haven't seen that before so just curious.
  8. Wasn't sure. Ont he first page you were looking at ways to get that information. Figured I'd share once I figured it out. Sorry, I just personally don't have a use for the workflow so I didn't check how you were doing it. Sorry, but glad to see you have things working how you would like!
  9. Fixed. Sorry about that! @Getthething I thought it was doing that correctly, sorry about that. I'll double check and get on that for you. If it's not there currently, shouldn't be too hard to add for you
  10. Great job! I've updated my TVRage workflow to take advantage of this. I look forward to using a developer signature or dev id to make it a bit safer
  11. Could probably use System Profiler from the terminal (see http://macstuff.beachdogs.org/blog/?p=21 for a blog post about it) system_profiler SPMemoryDataType should get you the info you need for the RAM
  12. @300DDR — Alleyoop Support has been added. After looking into it also, TVRage doesn't offer when the next episode will air (that I can find) at least. I'll see if another service would be better to get that information or if I'm just missing it.
  13. I think it's a TV Rage issue as I can't get it to speed up whether used on a normal PHP website or in the app. I'm looking at adding the next episode time. I hadn't heard of Alleyoop but can implement it if you're interested. Just will take me a day or so to get everything ready
  14. For RAM could use: sysctl hw.memsize That retuns in in bits I believe. Then divide by 3072 (1024 * 3) and you get in GB the amount of RAM the user has
  15. Hi @Domenic, I got that too last night and I think it has something to do with TV Rage. I'm working on a fix that'll timeout and let you know that it's on there end. Also, just updated it to 0.20 so that you don't have to enter the timezone info anymore! It's working for me now, and I'll be working on getting that error in regards to TV Rage up for you. Sorry about the inconvenience! EDIT: Also, if for any reason you want to use an earlier version, you can download them from my github: https://github.com/kkirsche/TVRage-Alfred_Workflow/tree/master/OLD_Versions -Kevin
  16. To use this, you type: ftp [NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE] Replace [NAME OF YOUR FAVORITE] with your actual favorite. No need to hit return after 'ftp'.
  17. I'm not sure all that is easily possible. it is, but would be awkward to make. Basically what is needed would be: KEYWORD databaseName FolderLocation FolderLocation FTPAccount FTPLocation URLBefore URLAfter PHPMyAdminLocation It's just too many pieces to do in one step dynamically I think. In pieces it could be possible such as each piece of your workflow was a separate workflow, but together I think it's not possible unless I'm missing something
  18. Reading the default timezone through PHP though equates to errors since PHP timezones aren't set. How would I ask Alfred for this information? Also, would this be able to read in the system clock preferences for 12-hour vs. 24-hour time?
  19. Hey, I was wondering if there was a good way to leverage the search autocomplete via PHP. I am looking to add easy timezone support to my workflow (based on these timezones — http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php). I would like to make a PHP array with autocomplete suggestions for the user to make it easier for them to set the timezone. I believe I could use PHP's levenshtein function to find the closest matches to the input, but was wondering if there is a better way of doing this before passing it to the script to save to the JSON config file. I would like, if possible, to first autocomplete the country, then once the backslash appears to begin matching against the locations in that country. If there is a best way to utilize alfred to do this, please let me know. If not, I can use a combo of levenshtein and conditionals I think to do it. It may not be hard to modify one line of code, but anyway to make it easier for people is better. Thanks!
  20. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share my solution for using a keyword to modify an option. I added a config.php file to my workflow and require it in my script filter. This allows me to use fopen and file_get_contents to modify that file. If it's something, such as in mine, such as enabling 12-hour time or 24-hour time, you can run this script to change the line from true to false (or vice versa). This makes it easy for your users and convenient for you to support as you avoid them changing anything they aren't supposed to. Hope it helps! See how I did it in my workflow: https://github.com/kkirsche/TVRage-Alfred_Workflow
  21. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share my solution for using a keyword to modify an option. I added a config.json file to my workflow and require it in my script filter. This allows me easily access and modify the values. Hope it helps! See how I did it in my workflow: https://github.com/kkirsche/TVRage-Alfred_Workflow For mine, for time's sake, I did: $string = file_get_contents('config.json'); $decodedJSON = json_decode($string, true); $decodedJSON['12hrtimezone'] = true; $encodedJSON = json_encode($decodedJSON); file_put_contents('config.json', $encodedJSON);
  22. I'll see if I can put together one with the link I put above for you. Right now I've been focused on the TV one I just released. If there interest I can try to put that together for you.
  23. I would like to request the addition of version numbers for Alfred Workflows. As developers expand the workflows, I think it would be nice for them to be able to set the version number so it's easier to see what version you have and what version a developer has released. If added to the Bundle ID / Created By / Website, I think that would be nice. If displayed in small darker grey print next to the workflow name, that would be nice and easy, out of the way, and of value to both users, developers and you (as you can see if they are using an out of date workflow, etc.) Thanks! I hope to see this soon!
  24. Hey everyone, I've gotten a version of this to work for TV Episode searches. It's a little slow currently, but if you are interested I can post it while I work to speed things up. It functions like: Keyword: tvep Format: [TV SHOW NAME] S[sEASON NUMBER]E[EPISODE NUMBER] Let me know if you want it now and I can upload it for you. EDIT: I updated the workflow to version 0.12. This update includes: Beta episode search. Just add the keyword you would like to use. Removed extraneous files not necessary for the functioning of the workflow Removed unnecessary variables for less memory usage. EDIT: Update to version 0.13 for 12-hour time. EDIT: Update to version 0.14 for easy configuration of 12/24-hour time. EDIT: Update to version 0.15 for reduced workflow size and memory usage. Switched config file from PHP to JSON for easy reading, changing, etc.
  25. Beginnings of PHP solutions: Doc / DocX to PDF: If anyone wanted to use PHP, could probably be done pretty easily with a script filter and http://www.phpdocx.com/ Image Types: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/755781/convert-jpg-image-to-gif-png-bmp-format-using-php
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