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  1. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    this! small donation given, thank you!
  2. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    Fallback searches are still not quite my desired result. I want to press a hotkey (alt-K) and then have the Alfred box ONLY searching the naver dictionary. I do not want to have to press command-3 or something to then specify that I wish to use one of the fallback searches. I suppose I could move the custom search to the top of the fallback search list, but that seems sloppy and I feel like there must be some way in a workflow to have a hotkey that open Alfred with pre-written commands. with searchio I made a hotkey to invoke the google search so I just type alt-G and then I'm ONLY searching google. This is the goal I wish to achieve. I have a feeling there is some easy way to do this, I'm just to naive to know it. like right now my keyword for the custom naver dictionary search is "na". Isn't there some way to assign a hotkey to open up an Alfred search with "na" already filled in without me typing it?
  3. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    yes, I made one of those but I want to invoke it with just a custom hotkey (alt-K) and then it will bring up the Alfred box directly ready to be searched without me having to put in the keyword necessary... I don't want to have to press alt-space bar (to invoke the Alfred bar) and then type in the keyword letters to let Alfred know that I want to do that custom search I want to just press alt-K and have the bar pop up ready to search the dictionary... with searchio I can do this in a workflow by simply attaching a hotkey to before one of the search actions, but I don't know how to do it with a custom search... I have a feeling this can be done very easily, I just can't figure out how...
  4. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    I'm a fool, I used that as an example because I thought it was not included and I was just looking for a way to add my own search into the workflow and I thought that'd be a good example to learn from... I'm sorry to waste your time like that. Really I'm trying to add the search in this page http://endic.naver.com/?sLn=kr the English Korean dictionary I don't really need the autocomplete part, I just want to be able to invoke a search from the Alfred tool bar instead of having to pop open the page
  5. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    I want to do a search from a website that is not included in the workflow... I want to quickly search naver.com which is not included in the workflow, is this possible? I'm very new to workflows, so maybe I'm missing something very obvious?
  6. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    this works, but is there anyway to add a custom search? Thanks for the replies guys
  7. usedandabused

    quick search from a hotkey

    So I made a VERY simple workflow that makes alt-g open up google in safari so I can quickly search, BUT I'd prefer if with a hotkey combination I could go directly the Alfred prompt and search google. I don't want to have to start typing google to get Alfred to do the google search straight from the bar, I just want to hit alt-G then get the google search in Alfred I assume this is possible, but how can I achieve this? Thanks.