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  1. Its a workaround - but try this on Catalina: https://github.com/BenziAhamed/Menu-Bar-Search/issues/4
  2. Not at the moment. This workflow is no longer maintained / available. (I might have another go at a enhanced version, later, if time permits...)
  3. v1.6 - per app configuration You can now specify custom configuration settings to fine tune menu listings for at an app level. Type ms into Alfred to get started. Here's the settings.txt config I use: # always show disabled menu items appFilters { app: "BibDesk" showDisabledMenuItems: true } # for Safari, ignore the History and Bookmarks # menus since loading it take a lot of time appFilters { app: "Safari" ignoreMenuPaths { path: "History" } ignoreMenuPaths { path: "Bookmarks" } } # For Finder alone, show the Apple menu entries, # and ig
  4. Alfred itself needs to have accessibility permissions.
  5. @cands BibDesk (programatically) reports all menus items under "Copy As..." to be inactive and disabled always. This is the reason why menu search is not able to pick up the sub menu items. One workaround possible to to display all menu items (enabled or not) - but this means that if a menu item is truly disabled, actioning that from Alfred will not have any effect, and you will not be able to know beforehand if the item is indeed disabled or not. The workflow will blindly list all available menu item entries. If you download and update the workflow to vers
  6. @cands Thanks for reporting this. I have downloaded BibDesk (Version 1.6.10 (4171)) and can reproduce the issue with the Copy As... menu. I'll try to see if I can figure out why this is happening.
  7. @dunkaroo ALSO You need to have text selected in the app for the Copy to show up / and something pasteable in the clipboard for Paste to appear. This is because the menu search only searches and displays actionable menu items. You cannot copy if nothing is selected.
  8. @dunkaroo That's a bit odd. edit - see my post after this one as well Troubleshooting A - What gets displayed when you type in "m copy" into Alfred? Is it 'No menu items'? B - Can you access Alfred's cache folder? In my case it is /Users/benzi/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Data/com.folded-paper.menu-bar-search/ You will need to change that path with your username. In the cache folder, two files will be created for every app once you trigger Menu Search for that app. For example, for TextEdit, it would be: com.a
  9. You're welcome. Although you might want to re-download because I've tried to make it even more snappier v1.4 - Caching Menu results are cached for a very short duration, resulting in even faster filtering of menu items. Check it out!
  10. v1.2 - Fully native menu clicking, removed AppleScript based solution Well, I removed the AppleScript part of the workflow that automates the actual menu clicking, and replaced it with native code. (This is slightly faster, but not perceptibly so.) Also, @targumanu's suggestion to terminate previous script for the run behaviour is now the default setting.
  11. v1.1.0 - Added Fuzzy Text Matching for Menus If you have a menu item New Tab, then typing m nt in Alfred will match New Tab, since n and t matches the first letters of the menu text.
  12. Nothing out of the ordinary - just the default AX... accessibility stuff from Apple. PS: The code is included in the workflow (also Github); mostly a port of @ctwise's objC code into Swift.
  13. I updated the workflow - could you re-download and check if possible?
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