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  1. Partitioning is a great idea, I will be doing that. Thank you!
  2. Any updates on this topic? I have a huge external drive, so using it for Time Machine but also for extra storage to preserve space on my internal SSD. Can MacOS be forced to index content here? Specifically applications Can Alfred be made to look here? Adding folder paths in Preferences did not help Thanks, Ari W.
  3. @Andrew That did not work for me. Slowed both settings all the way down, and whatever is on the clipboard before typing a Snippet Keyword is what's being pasted. Also, I verified that everything is working properly in all of the other Microsoft apps: I tested Word, Excel and PowerPoint with no issues. I'm an Office 365 user, so have the latest installations. Thanks for looking!
  4. Working with latest version of Alfred (3.4.1 [860]) on MacOS Sierra 10.12.5, and using OneNote 15.37. iMac Retina 5K from late 2015. Snippets don't expand when entering a Keyword, instead it pastes the clipboard. Snippets do work when activating the Viewer and selecting one. Happy to record a short video of this bug if that would be helpful!
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